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Summer Snacks | Apple and Almond Bark

This frozen treat is an ideal summer snack!

Our Apple and Almond Bark takes 5 minutes to make and will last 3 months in the freezer. The Fresh taste of the frozen apples and cinnamon with the crunch of the frozen coconut oil is a splendid combination for that sweet hit.



– ½ Apple


– 15g Almonds


– 30g Melted Coconut oil


– Sprinkle of Cinnamon





a) Cut the apple into thin slices and lightly dust with cinnamon


b) Lay the apple in a small tray slightly overlapping then pack in the whole almonds


c) Pour over the melted coconut oil


d) Place in the freeze to set for 2 hours



Serving suggestion:- Remove from the freezer 10-15 minutes before eating the slightly defrosted apple is really complimenting on the pallet


… Enjoy!


Summer Snacks | Apple and Almond Bark



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