Recipe | Sweet n’ Sour Protein Smoothie

Recipe | Sweet n’ Sour Protein Smoothie

One of the best smoothie upgrades I ever made was the addition of something so basic: pure lemon juice. Combined with any of the fruity protein varieties, the final product is like whipped, macro-friendly Sour Patch Kids! This cheat code will really save you some change on sweeteners if you have a high-maintenance sweet tooth like me.


✓ Fruit flavored Impact Whey Protein e.g. banana, strawberry, raspberry etc!

✓ Lemon juice

✓ Salt

✓ Ice

✓ Water

Optional ingredients:

✓ Cold fruit-flavored tea

✓ Crystallized lemon

✓ Fruit

✓ FlavDrops or other additional flavorings

✓ Thickeners such as xanthan gum


 1. Try having a big stock of brewed fruit-flavored tea in your fridge as this makes a nice base instead of plain water!

 2. Stack your blender with lots of ice if you like your smoothies thick and fluffy

 3. Add a generous amount of lemon juice then fill the rest of the way with water, or the tea suggestion from step 1, or any other desired base!

 4. Blend this up pretty well first.
Brotip: dig a little hole in the ice after this step to pour your protein into and cover up with ice – this prevents it from caking onto the lid and not blending!

 5. Add your protein plus any other flavorings and sweeteners you like – FlavDrops work very well, especially Apple! – just keep in mind the lemon juice will reduce how much other flavoring you need. If you can find “crystallized lemon” in the seasoning section of your grocery store, give that a try too, with less lemon juice! I find it’s a bit more sour-candy-esque for some reason.

 6. Important and Unsuspected Necessity: A generous pinch of salt! That’s right, salt doesn’t just boost the sweetness of dessert flavors, I can definitely taste a big difference if I forget it in my fruity shakes too.

 7. Blend to desired texture – if you like it very fluffy without much actual ice grit, blend it for a long time. Depending on your macro target you can add some thickeners like xanthan gum – get creative!

Give It A Try!

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