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How To Make A Protein Shake – 20 Recipes To Try

How To Make A Protein Shake – 20 Recipes To Try
Jennifer Blow
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Whether you're looking to pack on some muscle or slim down to fit into your favourite jeans again, make these protein shake recipes to complement your protein powder, maximize flavor and boost results.

You'll find delicious breakfasts and meal-replacement protein smoothies, boosting pre- and post-workout protein shakes, and great-tasting plant-based protein shake recipes to help you power through your days.

But first, let's show you how to make a protein shake.

How To Make A Protein Shake

1. Remove the lid of your protein shaker.

2. Add about 200ml of water or milk to your shaker depending on your preference.

3. Add 1 to 2 scoops of protein powder to your shaker depending on the gram size of your scoop. Post workout, you should consume at least 20g of protein.

4. Place your lid back on your metal or plastic shaker ensuring that your grate or metal ball is placed ready to break up the powder when shaken.

5. Place your thumb over the pop-off lid while gripping the rest of the shaker with your hand and shake aggressively.

6. Once shaken, drink your shake ensuring it's within the hour of when you finish your workout.

Now that you know how, let's try out some fancy alternatives.

1. Latte Breakfast Shake

coffee protein shake
This latte-inspired breakfast protein shake contains the perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates to boost your mornings. Add a teaspoon of cacao powder to make a mocha.

Simply blend all ingredients together in a blender and enjoy for breakfast.

2. Berry-Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie

berry smoothie
This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and the ideal balance of macronutrients to power your morning.

Simply blend and serve.

pre workout smoothie
Maximize your performance and boost your results with complementary supplements in your homemade pre-workout shake.

Simply blend all ingredients together until smooth and drink 60-90 minutes before your workout for maximum benefits.

Click for the full recipe.

4. Vanilla-Banana

post workout shake
Reduce your recovery time and maximise your gains by adding these other supplements to your post-workout shake.

Simply place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Consume within 1 hour of your workout for maximum benefits.

Check out the full recipe.

strawberries and cream protein smoothie
This creamy iced protein drink is a big hit when the heat of summer has you craving ice cream.

  • 1 scoop Impact Whey Protein (Strawberry Cream Flavor)
  • 150ml milk of choice
  • 30g berries of choice
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • Handful ice cubes

Simply add all ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth. Enjoy.

Click for the full recipe.

chocolate protein shake
All the flavor of a real milkshake with half the calories and triple the protein – treat yourself today.

Add everything to blender except the chocolate chips and blend until smooth. Add in chocolate chips and pulse blend.

Click for the full recipe.

7. Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie
Craving pie but don’t want to ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your diet? Get all the gains with the ultimate pumpkin pie protein shake.

Blend together Pumpkin Pie Impact Whey Protein, milk, the Graham cracker if you’re using it, and ice cubes until smooth. Pour into the glass and top with fat-free cool whip and more sugar-free syrup.

Click for the full recipe.

8. Vanilla Ice Cream Frappe

protein frappe
Thewhey in delicious Vanilla Ice Cream flavor was just made for a creamy frappe after a hard workout, or simply to maintain your protein levels and keep your sweet cravings at bay.

Simply blend all ingredients up in a blender, except the syrup. Drizzle the syrup around the inside of your glass or shaker, then pour the mixture inside.

Click for the full recipe.

9. Peanut Butter Banana

A great way to boost your protein intake along with some fast acting carbs and healthy fats.

Blend all ingredients together to make a silky-smooth shake.

10. Chocolate Brownie Bomb

chocolate protein smoothie
This chocolate protein shake recipe will keep you satisfied for hours after your workout.

  • 2 scoops Chocolate Brownie Impact Whey
  • 10 oz. 2% milk or almond milk
  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 1 tsp. cocoa powder
  • ½ tbsp. Peanut Butter

Simply blend all ingredients using a blender until smooth, and consume straight after your workout for best results.

11. Triple Berry Blast

berry protein-smoothie
This berry protein smoothie packs an antioxidant-packed punch, with a balanced blend of protein and carbohydrates.

Simply blend all ingredients using a blender. Consume straight after your workout for best results.

12. Mint Choc Chip

mint choc chip protein smoothie
Craving mint choc chip ice cream? This shake tastes like your favourite dessert – only it's good for you.

Simply blend all ingredients together and consume straight after your workout for best results.


13. Vegan Piña Colada Protein Shake

pina colada shake
This plant-powered coconut and pineapple protein smoothie is the perfect refreshing post-workout treat.

  • 1 scoop Vegan Blend (Pineapple & Coconut flavor)
  • 2ooml coconut water
  • 2.5 oz. frozen banana
  • 1 cup coconut yogurt

Add all the ingredients to a blender, blend until smooth and then serve.

Click for the full recipe.

14. Chocolate Berry Banana

vegan shake
Adding banana and blueberries to your protein smoothie is ideal for glycogen replenishment, while the potassium-rich spinach and banana works to alleviate post-workout muscle soreness.

  • 1 scoop Soy Protein Isolate (Chocolate Smooth flavor)
  • 400ml dairy-free milk
  • 1.5 oz blueberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 handful spinach

Blend all the ingredients until smooth and then pour into your shaker and consume. You can have this delicious smoothie at anytime during the day, but for the best results consume post-workout.

Click for the full recipe.

vegan smoothie
Brimming with vegan-friendly protein and not an ounce of dairy in sight, this high-protein vegan breakfast smoothie makes the perfect make-ahead breakfast.

  • 200ml almond milk or dairy-free milk of choice
  • 1 tbsp. rolled oats
  • 2 pitted dates
  • 1 tbsp. hazelnuts
  • 1 scoop Pea Protein Isolate
  • 1 tsp. Chia Seeds
  • Pinch sea salt

Simply add all ingredients to the blender and process until smooth.

Click for the full recipe.

16. Banoffee Sundae

banoffee smoothie
This delicious sundae is easy to make and even easier to drink thanks to our Toffee FlavDrops. Bananas are also full of energy giving carbs and nutrients like potassium and magnesium.

Blend all ingredients using a blender and serve.

17. Blueberry Banana Swirl

pea protein smoothie
The blueberries in this shake give it a real zing along with vitamin C and dietary fiber. We’ve also used dairy-free milk and yogurt, which you should be able to pick up at your local store.

Add all ingredients to your blender and process until smooth.



18. Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

bcaa mocktail
Try BCAA mocktails for the ultimate good-for-you refreshing drink.

  • 1 scoop Watermelon BCAA
  • 10 mint leaves
  • ¼ mango
  • ½ fresh lime
  • Large handful of crushed ice
  • Dash of soda water

Click for the full recipe.

19. Berry BCAA Slushy

BCAA slushies
Nothing says the summertime is here like a fresh, ice-cold slushy. This mocktail is especially nutritious due to its high content of berries – packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Blend all ingredients using a blender until slushy.

20. Watermelon BCAA Slushy

watermelon smoothie
This watermelon slushy is super-refreshing and is great for hydration due to its high water content and abundance of electrolytes.

  • 2 scoops Watermelon BCAA
  • 2 cups frozen watermelon
  • 15 oz. coconut water
  • 1/2 lime (juice)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until slushy.


Enjoy these protein shake recipes?
Jennifer Blow
Writer and expert
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