Healthy Sweet Treat | Sultana Pancake Roll Recipe

When planning your sweet treat, give this recipe a try! It’s a great combination of soft pancake, thick mouth-watering banana and cashew butter and refined sugar free!


Calories: 143      Protein: 13g      Fat: 3g      Carbs: 15g      Sugar: 9g


You will need

1 Medium Banana

25g Instant Oats

15g Peanut Butter Smooth

1.5 scoops Chocolate Impact Whey Protein

15g Sultanas

50ml Milk (Any type)


  1. Pour 50ml of boiling water over the sultanas and leave to soak for 15 minutes
  2. To a mixing bowl add the pancake powder, sultanas with leftover water plus 50ml of milk
  3. Blitz with a blender until smooth and sultanas are blended well
  4. To a non-stick pan pour the mix and cook on a medium heat on both sides
  5. Spoon on the peanut butter and spread evenly
  6. Place the banana in the center and roll

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