Creamy Tuna Salad Recipe

Creamy Tuna Salad Recipe


Ingredients for Creamy Tuna Salad Recipe:


Ready in 10 minutes / Serves 1


1                          Tin of Tuna

100g                     Greek Yoghurt

1                           Spring onions (chopped)

20g                       Cucumber (chopped)

Sprinkle                Fresh Chives

15g                       MyProtein Cashew Nuts


Salad made up from the following: lettuce, spinach, rocket leaves, kale.

Drizzle 10g Balsamic vinegar or Olive Oil.




  1. Place tuna, Greek yogurt, spring onions, cucumber and chives into mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Prepare bed of salad leaves. Sprinkle salad with balsamic vinegar or olive oil.
  3. Place tuna mix on top of salad and garnish with MyProtein nuts.
  4. Serve or place into tubberware for lunch/dinner for that week.


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