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New Iced Coffee Whey Forward—Coming this August

New Iced Coffee Whey Forward—Coming this August
Jamie Haleva
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The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and we’re counting down the days to summer. Nature has come alive again. Last month, in honor of Earth Month, we celebrated the environment with our most sustainable protein yet, Whey Forward. Whey Forward is our whey protein alternative, made to taste identical to traditional whey, just without the cows. Created through a fermentation process instead of farming, Whey Forward is completely animal-free and environmentally friendly.

And this month, we have a special sneak-peak of some brand-new Whey Forward flavors you won’t want to miss. Get ready, because we are combining the best dairy-identical protein with your morning pick-me-up.


Iced Coffee Whey Forward

Coming this August, Myprotein will launch all new Iced Coffee flavors of Whey Forward! You’ll be able to take your protein in three delicious new flavors including Toasted Café Churro, Roasted Chocolate Coconut, and Spiced Dirty Chai! With 20 grams of protein and 4.7 grams of BCAA’s per serving, the new Iced Coffee Whey Forward will deliver the same macros as traditional Whey Forward. And just like the original whey alternative, the new flavors are free of lactose, soy, and hormones, promoting easier digestion.

And what iced coffee would be complete without caffeine? The new flavors combine Whey Forward protein with 150 mg of caffeine, so you can hit your macros and get your coffee fill all in one delicious beverage— perfect before your morning workout.


Sustainable Protein

Iced Coffee Whey Forward, just like our traditional Whey Forward, is environmentally friendly and sustainable. To make the protein, tiny organisms called microflora are fed simple plant sugars, which they convert into dairy-identical protein. The process involves no animals and takes a lower toll on the environment.

Compared to whey protein from cows, Whey Forward uses up to 99% less water and 60% less non-renewable energy, while creating up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Swapping your traditional protein for Whey Forward will help reduce your carbon footprint, without sacrificing any taste or nutrition.


Take Home Message

Boost your energy and do your part for the planet this summer with the new Iced Coffee Whey Forward protein. Going green has never been so delicious.

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Jamie Haleva
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A Rutgers University Honors graduate, Jamie grew up on the Jersey shore and double majored in Comparative Literature and Anthropology in college. Jamie is an experienced writer in the health and wellness, biotech, and eCommerce fields. She loves writing with a purpose and has even written for the Department of Justice.

Jamie became drawn to exercise during her time in university and began to notice the physical and mental benefits of moving your body daily. Today, Jamie enjoys Pilates, light weight training, and going on long walks in nature daily.

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