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Watch: #NeverNotBHM | Myprotein Celebrates Black History Month

Watch: #NeverNotBHM | Myprotein Celebrates Black History Month
Ian Roden
Writer and expert2 years ago
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This year, we're taking the time to stop, listen, and learn during Black History Month. All month long, we're discussing topics that are most important to our community. Watch all February and beyond as we explore ideas of empowerment, self-love, individuality, and identity.

Recently, we got together with some of our favorite people to work with  — Thai Richards, Aliyah Sims, Tanaya Nicole, and Stacia Suttles. Our aim was to get their perspective on the topics most meaningful to them.

We started a conversation that will last long beyond February #NeverNotBHM.

Here's our discussion so far — stay tuned for more to come.

Black History Month

Every February, we honor the sacrifices and contributions of African Americans that have helped shape not only the US, but the world we live in. Why February? Well, its primarily because February celebrates the birthdays of two individuals crucial to emancipation  — Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

As with every year, Black History Month coincides with a new theme to highlight. Developed by ASALH (The founders of Black History Month), this year's theme is 'Black Health and Wellness'.

It was only fitting for us to explore what's crucial to the physical and mental wellbeing of those within our community and highlight their advice for our audience at large.

We started our discussion with asking what Black History Month means to them and it's the best opportunity for.

For Tanaya, a self-love enthusiast and wellness advocate, it's a time for introspection.

It's a month about exploring who I am and what my blackness stands for - Tanaya

In a time when some states are actually limiting how much teachers can educate students about black history, it's more important than ever to dive deep and get the facts straight. This is how we educate and empower.


Our next topic was about empowerment which goes hand in hand with our community.

In turn, we asked for words of aspiration for anyone facing adversity no matter how big or small. Here, a few voices started to touch on self-worth.

"At the end of the end, you can't let people steal your joy. You can't let them steal your power." Said Thai. "You can't let them make you feel like you're less than."

These talks led to ideas for a better future, one full of comradery and basic brotherhood. Aliyah Sims put it nicely.

I want to see us all win and come up together - Aliyah



These conversations matter. Recognizing your self worth matters — because there's power in individuality, a theme broadly discussed by our team.

For Aliyah, she's able to find power in the heritage that helped shape her.

"I love that I got to experience all of these different things" She said. "because it made me who I am"

Embracing one's history and the things that helped mold he or she into an individual is powerful. As Thai puts it, it's something that makes you unique.

We all have a light to shine and we all should be giving that light to the world - Thai

Take Home Message

It's been a rough couple of years for our collective health and wellbeing. We want to breath new light into the new year with activities and conversations that bring us joy.

Stay tuned for the month of February and beyond as we explore what's most important to our community.


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2 years agoBy Ian Roden
Ian Roden
Writer and expert
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A Fordham University graduate, Ian majored in communications and media studies with a focus in journalism and a minor in anthropology during his time at college. Here, he wrote for the university newspaper ranked top ten in the nation.

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