What Are The Benefits Of A Spinning Class? How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Thanks to celebrity interest and a boom of spinning studios opening across the country, spinning classes are the latest mainstream fitness craze. But what are the benefits of going to a spinning class over other types of cardio – and how many calories do you burn during a class?

Spinning classes are usually at a gym or spinning studio where there is a room with stationary bikes, with an instructor leading the class. There are different types of spinning classes like endurance spinning, classes incorporating upper body work and even hip-hop spinning!

The Benefits Of A Spinning Class

Without a doubt, the many benefits of spinning is that it’s easy on your joints. If you have joint issues, spinning may be a better option than running or other forms of high-intensity cardio.

benefits of spinning class

Spinning is also an enjoyable form of cardio. Riding all together in the studio, wheels spinning, can make you feel like you’re part of a team – plus the music pumping loudly creates a party atmosphere. With all the endorphins flying around, it’s no wonder people get addicted to spinning classes!

Many people like to be pushed and motivated by other people which would probably take place in a spinning class. Sure, the instructor will be cheering you on, but you won’t want to be put to shame by the other spinners around you. With the recent release of Wattbikes, you can even race against your fellow spinners using a computer program – and there’s no way you want to be at the back.

benefits of spinning class

The Disadvantages Of Spinning

The main disadvantage that comes from spinning is how long it takes. Spinning classes can take up to 60 minutes, and most people can not fit that into their schedule. However, because it’s so much fun it won’t feel like it’s a long time – after your first hill climb you’ll be blowing hard, but then it’ll be over before you know it.

Spinning is also a type of low-intensity cardio which means you will only burn calories when you are actually spinning – that means the minute you step off of the bike you stop burning calories. If you are trying to lose weight and have a tight schedule this is probably not the best type of cardio for you, though if you do need to do low-impact cardio spinning is a really good alternative.

Calories Burnt Spinning

Spinning is a lower-intensity cardio, so you will only burn calories during your workout. That means that however long you spin will determine the number of calories that you burn.

The following table shows an approximation of the number of calories burned for someone weighing 140lbs, during a light, moderate or vigorous spinning workout. You’ll know how hard you’ve worked by the end of the class!

how many calories does spinning burn


Take Home Message

Spinning classes are perfect for those who have joint issues due to its low-intensity nature, and also for those who love the social aspect of exercise. However, by doing HIIT you may burn just as many calories in a faster time, and weight training can increase calorie burn post-exercise. Use spinning classes as an addition to your workout regime rather than just spinning classes alone.



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