Weight Gainer Shakes vs Protein Shakes – How Are They Different?

Weight Gainer Shakes vs Protein Shakes – How Are They Different?

Building muscle is something that requires intense dedication, both in and out of the kitchen. Everybody knows to build muscle you need to lift some weight, but a lot of people might think that’s it. The most important part about building muscle, however, lies in the foods you eat, and not just what you eat, but how much you eat. To build muscle, your body needs to be in a hypercaloric state, meaning that every day it’s taking in more calories than it is burning. For some people, however, reaching that state is very difficult. Whether it’s a lost appetite or a rapid metabolism, if you’re having a difficult time hitting your calorie marks, a weight gainer shake might be exactly what you need.

Difference With Weight Gainer Protein

Like normal protein shakes, weight gainer shakes won’t add an inch to your chest or add size to your legs overnight, but over time, it can help you get to those goals. The difference between weight gainers and protein shakes comes down to the nutritional value of each one. In a normal protein shake, one can usually expect to consume 100-150 calories and get 20-30g of protein. With weight gainers, however, there are much more options when it comes to reaching your goals. For somebody looking to get a couple extra calories and bridge the gap, there are shakes that will have 400 calories per serving. On the other hand, for the hardest of gainers, there are shakes that will have 1000+ calories per serving to help reach those 4000-5000 calorie goals for the day.

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Shakes designed for weight gain usually consist of protein and carbohydrates, and can be extremely functional. For example, in addition to replacing your normal protein shakes, weight gainers will have good fast-acting carbs that can replace a post-workout carb too. Some gainers will even have creatine in them too, which works especially well with the quick-digesting carbohydrates in the shake because they aid in the absorption of creatine into the body.

Use of Weight Gainers

When it comes to these shakes, it’s important to be aware of what you need. While it may seem tempting to throw it in your cart when the guy at the front desk says it’ll make you get big quickly or when you see the shiny packaging, you have to remember that weight gainers are still supplements, and that is what they will do for you, supplement. Weight gainers are like protein shakes for calories. When it seems hard to reach your daily protein requirements, protein shakes can help; it’s the same with weight gainers. If you’re having trouble reaching your daily calorie requirements to build muscle, a weight gainer shake can help you tremendously. But if you’re able to reach your daily calorie and nutrient goals with the food you already eat, a weight gainer may actually hurt your progress. If you’re already getting the calories you need to bulk up, adding in a weight gainer may only cause you to gain unwanted fat.

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Take Home Message

Weight gainers can be extremely helpful for those looking to gain weight quickly or reach their calorie requirements. They come in many different variations and can be extremely helpful for reaching your daily nutritional goals. Here at MyProtein, we’ve got weight gainers of all types and flavors. All of our weight gainer shakes – Hard Gainer Extreme, True Whey, Impact Weight Gainer, and Hurricane Extreme – taste great and are an affordable way to supplement some of your nutritional requirements and help you bulk up successfully!


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