THE PRO Range | Proteins, Pre-Workouts, & Amino Acids For Elite Athletes

For those looking to take their routine to the next level, our PRO Range fits the script.

With proteins like THE Plant Protein and THE Whey and pre-workout supplements like THE Pre-Workout+ and THE Coffee Boost, our PRO Range is stacked with high performance tools for success.

Check out each product in THE PRO Range below.

THE Coffee Boost

Your favorite morning brew just got better. Recently, our PRO Range welcomed another market innovation in THE Coffee Boost, a powerful nootropic blend of Dynamine and Caffeine designed to supercharge your morning routine.

THE Coffee Boost is an instant coffee powder made from Colombian coffee. Dynamine, the active ingredient in THE Coffee Boost, is a known cognitive enhancer that, when combined with caffeine, produces smooth sustained energy and improved mood and focus with each scoop, all the while reducing fatigue.

Learn more through this video and shop below to boost your morning beverage.

THE Pump

Need a boost to get you going but hate the jittery effects of pre-workouts? THE Pump will give you what you need, without the jitters.

Stimulant free with zero added caffeine, THE Pump is the newest innovation in our PRO Range. Packed with patented ingredients like Astragin®, Bioperine®, and Vaso6™, THE Pump promises to increase blood-flow and endurance in a way that’s smooth and effective.

In addition, this PRO Range innovation contains enough vitamin C and B12 to boost your immune system through your toughest workouts. Choose between flavors like Orange Mango and Ruby Red Grapefruit below.

THE Pre-Workout +

Nothing comes close to matching our newest and most powerful pre-workout to date — THE Pre-Workout +.

THE PRE-Workout + is packed with 3200mg of Beta-Alanine to enhance the the buffering capacity of your muscles. This helps to delay the onset of fatigue so you can push the extra mile or get in more reps than usual.

Pair that with 300mg of Caffeine and our delayed release beadlets and you’ll get long-lasting, sustained energy despite your most grueling workouts.


Complete with 130mg of potassium, 500mg of Vitacherry sport, and all 9 essential amino acids, THE EAAs is designed to help you build and repair muscle while reducing muscle soreness.

We spoke to Gareth Gray, Head of New Product Development, about our latest innovation.

“THE EAAs is a product we are hugely excited about, and a great example of us taking an industry trend to the next level. Keeping the PRO range core principles of efficacious dosing, clinical support and transparent profiles with the highest quality.”

While these amino acids are essential, they’re not necessarily natural in your body.

There are 20 amino acids that make up the proteins in our body. However, only 11 amino acids can be produced naturally; 9 are obtained from our diet.

Adam Bender, our Head Product Technologist explains more.

“Out of the 20 amino acids necessary for life, there are 9 “essential amino acids” that can’t be produced by the body alone. These need to be consumed through our diet and are crucial to elicit a muscle protein synthesis response after exercise.

This product contains over 7 grams of essential amino acids, which will help muscles recover after a strenuous workout. The EAAs also have 50mg of tart cherry extract, which has been shown to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress.”

If you want to recover faster and build muscle quicker, this is the post workout tool you need. Shop all flavors below.

THE Pre-Workout

Our most explosive pre-workout supplement, THE Pre-Workout is designed to enhance energy, focus, and athletic performance when you need it most.

This PRO Range powerhouse comes complete with 150mg of caffeine to help fight fatigue and lack of focus.

pre workout supplement

In combination with 50mg Theacrine and 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, THE Pre-Workout is sure to give you an extra boost of energy and motivation when you’re having trouble sneaking in an extra rep or putting in an extra mile.

For the best results, mix 1 scoop with 300-400ml of water 30 minutes before you’re workout. Shop all new flavors (Guava Pear and Black Cherry Vanilla) of THE Pre-Workout below.

THE Whey

After you get a solid boost from THE Pre-Workout and have a good session in the gym, you’re going to need a post-workout protein that meets the standards of a high-performance routine.

Look no further than THE Whey, the most premium and effective protein we have to offer.

Combining whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolyzed protein, THE Whey delivers a superior blend that tastes downright delicious.

With 25g of protein, 5g of BCAAs, and 4g of glutamine in each scoop, THE Whey is sure to help you build and repair muscle while consuming less carbs and fat. Choose from a variety of flavors below.


THE ISO:WHEY is packed with 25g of protein and comes in two fan favorite flavors, Chocolate Smooth and Vanilla.

Carefully crafted with probiotics and digestive enzymes, this PRO Range product has been designed to promote healthy digestion and gut health.

THE ISO:WHEY contains high quality ingredients that not only help to build and maintain muscle mass but also ensure easy digestion. We’ve even added essential amino acids into this protein powder in order to help repair muscle after your toughest workouts.

Shake up 1 scoop of THE ISO:WHEY in our Pro Range Shaker 30-60 minutes post workout to maximize benefits.

THE Amino Boost

Like THE EAAs, THE Amino Energy is a carefully crafted blend of amino acids.

While this supplement is effective for building and repairing muscle post-workout, it’s also beneficial when you need extra focus and energy to tackle whatever your day throws at you.

With 100mg of caffeine and 500mg of L-tyrosine, THE Amino Energy has been designed to give you the ultimate pick-me-up regardless of the time of day. Shop a variety different flavors.

THE Plant Protein

Most plant proteins are hard to stomach. Luckily, we’ve invented the best-tasting plant protein yet with THE Plant Protein, our newest plant-based innovation designed to give you Pure. Plant. Power.

With 25g of protein, 4g of BCAA’s,  and 4g of glutamine per serving, it’s sure to take your diet and routine to the next level.

Choose from two deliciously smooth flavors, Vanilla Chai and Mocha, to build lean muscle mass and obtain more of the diverse nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energized.

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Love To Train But Need A Kick? Check Out Our Full Range Of Pre-Workout Supplements

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Introducing: THE MCT Boost — Your All-Natural Energy Boost

THE MCT Boost — our newest innovation designed to give you more energy when you need it most. An all-natural MCT oil, THE MCT Boost is palm oil free and comes in two flavors; Coconut and Vanilla.

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