Squid Game Macros Won’t Help You Win Tug Of War

If you haven’t seen Squid Game, firstly, where’ve you been? Secondly, some of these meals may sound strange to you, and perhaps not something you’d like to add to your weekly meal plan (we’re looking at you cider and a boiled egg). But you might reconsider when you’ve seen the macros. 

We’d like to think these meals gave the contestants enough strength to conquer every challenge, but that’s clearly not the case…but they clearly helped Seong Gi-hun, and he didn’t even steal a second helping of egg. 


Squid Game Meals 

Bento Box 

  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Rice  100  23    2 
Egg  90  0.4  6.8  6.3 
Kimchi  15  2    1 
Veg  56  8.6     
Overall  261  34  6.8  9.3 

The bento boxes consisted of rice, a fried egg, kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and some boiled veg. Honestly these looked delicious. Although, not sure about cabbage. Even less sure about pickled cabbage. 


Soboro bread with milk 

  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Soboro Bread  394  19.8  7.8  8.8 
100ml Milk   50  4.8  1.8  3.6 
Overall  444  24.6  9.6  12.4 

While not confirmed, the rumours online presume that the bread snack eaten is Soboro bread, a popular sweet bun. We couldn’t tell you the macros for the little piece of paper that undercover doctor Byeong-gi got in his bun, but we certainly know that it made it honeycomb taste a lot sweeter. 


Egg and Cider 

  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Boiled Egg  68  0.5  4.7  5.5 
Chilsung Cider  130       
Overall  198  0.5  4.7  5.5 

For a snack that really doesn’t sound too appealing, the contestants were keen to head for second helpings… Not our favourite combination ever, but we’d give it a go for a hit of protein before the next game. 



  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Honeycomb  391  89.1  1.8  2.8 

A high-pressure moment in squid game. But how are we supposed to focus on that when our mouths are watering? 



  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
T-Steak  560    37  56 

Can never go wrong with a steak, especially with 56g of protein. We’ll have five please, but we’d like to leave before night falls… 



  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Tteokbokki  340  76  1  7 

Our Birthday treats consisted of chocolate cake and ice cream. Not sure we’d want to substitute that for Tteokbokki. Even if the macros are better.


Samyang Original Ramen 

  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Samyang Original Ramen  510  78  17  10 

Definitely not the most nutritious item on the Squid Game menu. Still looks tasty though, even if it was totally dry. 


Grilled mackerel dish  

  Calories (kcal)  Carbs (g)  Fat (g)  Protein (g) 
Grilled mackerel  248    22  21 

Not quite a steak, but we’ll take it. Especially if we bought it for 10,000 won (or for free) from Cho Sang Woo’s mum. 

What your macros don’t tell you – mackerel is full of Omega-3, Iron and Zinc. Afterall it’s not ALL about your macros. 


Take Home Message 

Can’t say we fancy heading into Squid Game anytime soon, although we’d like to think that a bit of Impact Whey might have helped during the tug of war… These macros do look pretty good on the whole however, and we might have to make a honeycomb flavoured Layered Bar at some point. 



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