Is Running More Popular In Rural Or Urban Areas? Survey Says…

Running communities exist in all places. From Orchard street, Manhattan to the winding roads and altitudes in Colorado, dedicated groups of runners put in the miles regardless of the terrain.

But is running more popular in the city streets or in nature’s open roads?

Recently, we asked a group of 300 Americans whether or not they ran more often “Out in Nature” or on the “City Streets”.

22% of Americans Run in “City Streets” or Urban Areas

Making up the minority, 22% of Americans answered “City Streets” meaning they run in more urban areas. For these folks, we have some men’s style tips from our all new running range, Velocity.

Complete with reflective designs, increased ventilation, and water repellent fabrics, the Velocity Running Jacket and 2 in 1 Short were designed for high visibility in low light situations with added breathability and performance.

Extra reflectivity comes in handy when you’re dodging traffic or shooting through the bike lane so these pieces are perfect for being seen.

The 2 in 1 shorts even come complete with built in compressions to support your toughest sessions. Shop these items below.


39% of Americans Run “Out In Nature” or Rural Areas

Making up the shared majority, 39% of Americans run “Out in Nature” or more rural areas. If that sounds like you, we’ve got some women’s style tips for running in the backcountry.

A super lightweight layer designed with sweat-wicking technology and a quarter-zip neckline, the 1/4 Zip Top is breathable and ensures maximum performance with fabrics that won’t get heavy with moisture.

Paired with the Velocity Leggings, you’ll have an unbeatable combination for long distance runs. Shop these styles below.

39% Answered “Both”

The remaining 39% stated that they ran in both rural and urban settings equally. For these more transient trail runners, MP’s Velocity Collection has so much versatility for your routine.

Shop the entire Velocity Collection for both men and women below.

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