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Staying Fit on Summer Vacation

Staying Fit on Summer Vacation
Jamie Haleva
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With summer upon us, many have vacations planned to take that well-deserved break from school or work. Vacation is a time to unwind and de-stress, and get a change of pace within a new place and with new activities. However, this doesn't mean you have to abandon your fitness routine just because you're away from home.

It can be difficult to keep up with your workout regimen while in a new environment and without your usual equipment. But to maintain your fitness level, you don't necessarily have to replicate the same workout routine that you have at home while on vacation. There are many ways to stay fit while you're away, and it's actually simpler than you think to incorporate exercise into your daily travel routine. Let's see how...

1. Hotel Gym

The most obvious way to stay fit while you're on vacation is to visit your hotel or resort gym, if there is one available of course. Nowadays, many hotel chains come equipped with a full gym for residents who prioritize their fitness. You'll find fitness centers in well-known hotels like the Marriott, and some hotels even have special fitness programs or designated in-room exercise equipment, like the Hyatt or Hilton.

And if you really want to prioritize fitness, you can book a stay in a fitness-oriented hotel like the EVEN hotels, which come with a fully stocked gym and fitness classes that may rival your home workouts.

To ensure you get proper nutrition while working out on vacation, take some Myprotein supplement sample sizes along for your trip. You can find many of your favorite supps in a convenient travel-sized pouch, perfect for taking on the go while vacationing.

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2. Swimming

If you don't have time to make it to the gym, an excellent way to incorporate some aerobic exercise during your vacation is swimming. The majority of hotels these days have a pool, which you'll likely be visiting as a part of your stay. You can take advantage of this by getting some laps in at the pool for your daily workout. And if you don't want to go to the pool, you can swim in the ocean if you're on a beach vacation. Many of us travel to tropical destinations with beaches, and swimming in the ocean, when it's safe to do so, is a fun way to get some physical activity in during your trip.

3. Active Activities

If you can't make it down to the hotel gym or pool, or you're staying somewhere without these accommodations, a strategic way you can ensure you get daily exercise is by planning activities that are physically demanding.  This way, you can spend your vacation days exploring the new locale, while getting your exercise in.

One example of a physically-active activity you can plan while traveling is scuba diving, which will give you a nice low-impact workout. Scuba diving is a unique activity many take part in on vacation, as it is not generally available where most people live. A surprising fact about scuba diving is that it actually provides great physical benefits such as toning your muscles and building endurance and strength. Plus, it's super fun and makes for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Another activity you can plan that will keep you fit while away is hiking. Hiking is a well-known vacation activity as many popular destination spots, like Hawaii, Switzerland, or France, to name a few, are home to mountains, rivers, and scenic trails that are perfect for hikes. Hiking on vacation is an excellent way to view the nature and geography of the destination you're in while getting a great workout.

A third activity you can schedule into your vacation that will be sure to get your heart rate up is canoeing or kayaking. Similar to swimming, canoeing and kayaking are great forms of low-impact, aerobic exercise. These activities have many physical benefits including supporting muscle building and improving strength and flexibility. Canoeing and kayaking are popular vacation activities as they will often be found where there are large bodies of water. If you are traveling near any lakes, rivers, or reservoirs, chances are you'll be able to find canoeing and kayaking. A few travel destinations that offer some of the best canoeing experiences include Romania, Scotland, and Vietnam.

To stay energized while attending activities, take along some of Myprotein's on-the-go snacks like our Layered Bars or Crispy Wafers. These quick bites will make it easy to hit your nutrition goals while traveling and ensure you always have a nice, healthy option on-hand to snack on.

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4. Walking

A final way to incorporate some physical activity into your trip is by simply walking. Many travel destinations include walkable cities like Paris, Florence, Amsterdam, and New York City. This makes getting exercise easy as you can walk to your different activities and destinations rather than driving. Walking around cities and experiencing the culture of a new place is an activity in and of itself that many do while visiting a new city. Walking may not give you intense exercise, but it is a great form of low-impact cardio that will keep your body moving. And trust us, once you've been walking all day in a new city, you'll be so worn out you'll feel like you've done a full gym session.

When walking around in a new location, try one of Myprotein's convenient mini backpacks or drawstring bags to hold your things. These lightweight bags can be thrown on your back, making them perfect for traveling.

Take Home Message

We know it can be hard to prioritize fitness while on vacation. But following these tips will help you get daily physical activity in without having to go out of your way, and have fun while doing it. Keep reaching your goals and feeling your best, even while away from home. You got this.

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