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Zay Flowers: Behind the Tattoos & Chains

Zay Flowers: Behind the Tattoos & Chains
Jamie Haleva
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After spending time with Ravens wide receiver Zay Flowers, we at Myprotein discovered that while Zay may seem threatening on the field, in real life, he's a kind-hearted and sentimental guy.

One thing Zay is known for, aside from his talent, is his many tattoos and chains. We caught up with Zay to find out what these marks and pieces of jewelry mean, and why they hold significance for him.



Zay's "11/14" tattoo represents that he's sibling number 11 out of 14 in his family. Zay also wears the number "4", as he is the fourth youngest child in the family. Family is the most important thing to Zay, and his tattoos are a reminder of that.

"4" and Eagle

Zay has his number "4" next to an eagle, to represent his time playing for Boston College. He explains that Boston is where he made himself, and how that is where people got to know him in the sport.

Uncle and Brother

Zay tattooed the name of his late uncle Tyler on his left hand along with the face, in detail, of his late brother Martin on his rib cage. Zay holds his family close and proudly wears symbols to represent the family members who are no longer with him.

Letter to Mom

Zay wrote a letter to his mom before the 2023 NFL draft and symbolically wears the text of the letter now over his heart.

"Stay Down Till You Come Up"

Right above his chest, Zay wears his favorite motto: "Stay down till you come up". This slogan represents the work Zay put into his career. The athlete explains how he was ranked number 1100 in high school in the US for his position, and how he had to fight from that point to make it to where he is today.


On his left hand, Zay has another text tattoo, the word "blessed". The football player elaborates that he feels very blessed to be in his current position.


Flower with Mom

In addition to his tattoos, Zay also wears a couple of chains that hold sentimental value.

Around Zay's neck, you'll find a large gold chain, at the center of which is a picture of his late mother in the center of a flower. Zay says he wore this chain to draft day.

The picture of Zay's mother is surrounded by 14 petals that compose the flower, with an initial on each, one for each of his siblings.


Zay also wears another large gold chain that spells out his name. In this chain, you'll see the number "4" in place of an "A" in the name "Zay". And in the center of the "4", you'll see a whole in the shape of a flower. Zay explains that he wanted this to appear like a lightning bolt, demonstrating his speed on the field.

This chain also shows a raven above the name "Zay". The raven of course represents Zay's current team, the Baltimore Ravens.

Take Home Message

Zay Flowers is a man of meaning and purpose. This is evident in his many tattoos and chains, which represent lost loved ones, milestones, and the values that are most important to him. Keep persevering Zay, you've made it this far, we can't wait to see how far you go.

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Jamie Haleva
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