5 Muscle-Pumping Tips For Building Mass

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Heading to the gym today in hopes of getting a skin-splitting pump? Then follow these guidelines to make sure you’re prepared for the havoc you nemuscle growth whey proteined to reap to create a great pump!

Working out hard with super heavy weights is not the way to go about creating a pump…

Knowing what goes into it including the food, supplements and the style of training needed is what will separate a pretty good workout from an insane workout!


#1) Hydration

If you are not hydrated there simply is no way for you to work out efficiently. Keeping yourself full of water will have a dramatic effect on the blood flow in your body.

Your blood is full of oxygen and water is made up of oxygen- so in order for the muscle to be oxygen rich (i.e. the pump) it needs to be filled with the nutrients that water carries into the body… Not to mention the body is made up of 70% water to begin with!

Muscle-Pumping Tips


It is critical to supplement with water, not just before, during and after your workout but all throughout the day to keep yourself running effectively. The other day I was talking with Neil “Yoda” Hill about this and he suggests for any of his clients no matter the fitness level, 4-5 liters per day! Now that’s hydrated!

A great way to keep this measured is to fill up an empty milk jug (gallon sized) and drink it periodically throughout the day. This will get you about 3 ¾ liters plus whatever water you drink with all your meals throughout the day.

#2) Carbohydrates

Carbs play a crucial role in solidifying a great pump because the muscle is filled with glycogen while working out. Glycogen of course comes from carbs so the two go hand-in-hand.

Carbohydrates also assist in water distribution which helps flush the water into the muscle cells giving you that “full” look.



…This is why a pre-workout meal should contain one of the highest percentages of carbs compared to the rest of your day.

Eating a high carbohydrate diet is a great way to build muscle because of its ability to blow the muscle up in the gym, due to the mentioned factors! The more “pumped” the muscle i,s the greater it stretches the fascia. The further we stretch the fascia, the greater the opportunity for muscle growth.


#3) Increase Sodium Intake

You have probably heard all your fitness life that “salt is bad for you” because of the fact that it can cause hypertension or high blood pressure. This idea needs to be removed from your head immediately!

Sodium intake or salt is one of the hidden secrets to muscle growth that many overlook because many have made it out to be a bad food. Ever have a cramp playing a sport and the first thing your trainer or coach tell you to do is down some electrolytes? This is because it’s loaded with sodium!


muscle pump building mass


Sodium in a nutshell reacts with ions within the blood stream to increase blood flow volume. Marathon runners and endurance athletes supplement with sodium and potassium rich foods (Gatorade & bananas) to provide a steady flow of each nutrient throughout the blood stream to keep the body working correctly and efficiently.

Don’t reduce the salt intake too much, and make sure your water is on point – forget worrying about a lack of pump!


#4) Pre Workout

Although all is lost without proper nutrition and hydration, a pre-workout can help to boost blood flow and vascularity.

A great pre workout product is MyProtein’s MyPre that can help with energy, volume and the overall pump!


building muscle mass

Caffeine is a cheap and effective way to:

? Boost your energy levels and focus

? Reduce fatigue

TIP: Try not to have any past 3-4pm as it will effect your sleep!


A popular, cost-effective pre-workout supplement that will aid the replenishment of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in your body – this is a molecule that transports energy to various cells in your body to help rev up your metabolism.

ATP provides the energy required to continually contract muscles, which allows you to lift heavy weights! Fuelling ATP with supplements such as creatine monohydrate can increase strength and muscular endurance.

All-in-one pre workout

Helps to reduces fatigue, increase energy levels and focus and improve physical performance!

Per 2 scoops:

? 400mg caffeine

? 4g Creatine

3g of Beta Alanine

? 4g BCAA


#5- Training Style

The style of training when going for the pump is a lot different then straight sets for muscular and strength growth. The rest periods need to be 30-45 seconds with slightly lighter weight.

muscle pump building mass

One of the most important things is to keep in mind the temp when working the pump- it’s still got to be under control!

No slinging of the weights – a steady pace on the positive and slower rate on the negative with a squeeze at the peak of the movement. Focus on the squeeze and contraction rather than the weight and your veins will be splitting out.


Take Home Message

Knowing now that a pump is not something that can be taken for granted, be cautious of what you’re putting into your body.

Keep rest periods short, salt and carbs high and hydrate like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll be well on your way to getting a pump that’s social media post worthy!


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