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5 TRX Exercises To Build A Big Back

5 TRX Exercises To Build A Big Back
Logan Berman
Writer and expert7 years ago
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When it comes to training and building muscle, weights or weightlifting is not the only method to be used to gain strength and muscle definition. TRX, also known by its full name of Total-Body Resistance Exercise, is a form of training in which no matter what body part your training is focusing on, you are actively engaging your core.

This form of training incorporates TRX straps instead of weights. These straps can be set up almost anywhere possible and can be used with either your hands or your feet, depending on what exercise you are doing. So what can you do with these straps to build muscle definition and size in your back? There’s actually a few exercises one can perform.

TRX Big Back 1 - Inverted Rows


The first exercise is known as the Inverted Row. This targets your latissimus dorsi of your back. To perform this exercise, lie directly beneath or under the TRX platform and straps. With your knees bent and your feet on the floor, reach up and grab the handles. Elevate your body a few inches off of the floor to create a constant tension, as this will be your return point.

Once elevated, pull your torso upwards towards the handles while also keeping your elbows tucked in as close to your sides as possible. Pull upwards until your torso is in line from your shoulders down to your knees, avoid bending the body.

Release and lower your body back down towards the starting position and repeat for as many reps as you can. Focus on slow and controlled movement and this exercise will target your back and as well as your biceps.

TRX Big Back 2 - Low Rows

TRX Exercises To Build A Big Back

The second exercise is the Low Row. Start by standing and grabbing the handles with a close grip and hands/palms facing each other. Plant your feet on the ground and lean your upper body backwards until all of your body weight is primarily on your heels and your arms are fully extended outwards in front of you.

Squeeze/contract your shoulder blades together to create tension and pull up with your arms until your torso meets with your hands. Hold the contraction and slowly release and return back to starting position and repeat.

TRX Big Back 3 - Single Arm Rows


This is essentially the same as the Low Row mentioned above, however, instead of using two hands, in this exercise you will use one. Grab the handles with one hand, feet planted on the ground and lean your upper body backwards.

Squeeze and contract shoulder blades and pull your upper body upwards until your torso meets with your hands. Hold contraction and slowly release back to starting position and repeat.

TRX Big Back 4 - TRX Pull-Ups


While standing with the straps overhead, grab the handles and lower body until your shoulder blades are fully released and down, squeeze/contract your shoulder blades and pull your body upwards.

At the top of your motion or lift, hold this contraction for 1-2 seconds before slowly releasing your body back down as slow as possible to resist gravity in order to create greater tension. Pause at the bottom of the starting position before beginning the next rep and repeat the process again for as many times as you can.

TRX Big Back 5 - Y's


The next exercise is known as the TRX Y. For this, you will plant your feet out in front of the handles of the TRX about a foot or so. Lean your body backwards as far as you can until your body is at around a 45-degree angle almost with your arms fully extended in front of you in a somewhat elevated position.

Pull your body forwards or upwards and with each movement forward, you will want to raise your arms up as high as you can until they are fully extended above your head as if you are reaching for the ceiling. Squeeze the contraction and slowly release back down until you are again at a 45-degree angle or so with your arms extended in front of you.

Repeat this for as many reps as you can and squeeze the upper back to create tension on the muscles. If need be, instead of having feet planted on the ground the entire time, you may swing on your heels while you are moving your arms upwards and return them to the ground completely flat on the release with your arms to bring your body back to the 45-degree angle leaning back.

Take Home

There you have it, a few exercises that will greatly target and engage your back muscles while using TRX equipment. Remember to properly squeeze the target muscle with each rep on any exercise to properly engage the muscle.

Mind to muscle connection is important when using bodyweight or resistance training to actively train a muscle group. Make sure to stretch before any workout to avoid any instance of injury occurring.


Logan Berman
Writer and expert
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