Introducing THE ISO:WHEY | Myprotein PRO Range Welcomes It’s First Whey Isolate

Our PRO Range, Myprotein’s superior selection of sports nutrition essentials, just got it’s first whey isolate in THE ISO:WHEY.

A powerful blend of whey protein isolate and essential amino acids, THE ISO:WHEY is a next level nutritional supplement. Here’s why:


THE ISO:WHEY is packed with 25g of protein and comes in two fan favorite flavors, Chocolate Smooth and Vanilla.

Carefully crafted with probiotics and digestive enzymes, this PRO Range product has been designed to promote healthy digestion and gut health.

How Does This Differ from Impact Whey Isolate?

Aside from a higher protein content than our Core Range Impact Whey Isolate, THE ISO:WHEY differentiates itself in it’s filtration system.

In production, THE ISO:WHEY goes through an advanced filtration process that completely removes lactose making this a lactose-free nutritional supplement.

In addition, the ion-exchange filtering process that is used for THE ISO:WHEY selects primary functional and nutritional proteins-betalactoglobulin and alpha-Lactalbumin for isolation and spray drying.

This helps preserve functional proteins in order to promote a healthy immune system.

Benefits, Uses, and When to Take

When we think about the uses of our supplements, we think about who needs what, why, and when to take them.

THE ISO:WHEY is for active individuals looking for a premium protein powder with less carbs and fat and yet, still maintains a higher protein content than most isolates.

Some of the biggest concerns for those interested in taking whey protein supplements are whether or not they will upset the their stomach and hinder digestion.

THE ISO:WHEY contains high quality ingredients that not only help to build and maintain muscle mass but also ensure easy digestion. We’ve even added essential amino acids into this protein powder in order to help repair muscle after your toughest workouts.

Shake up 1 scoop of THE ISO:WHEY in our Pro Range Shaker 30-60 minutes post workout to maximize benefits.

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