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Cohnan Kotarski’s $50 Bodybuilding Grocery Haul

Cohnan Kotarski’s $50 Bodybuilding Grocery Haul
Jamie Haleva
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Looking to bulk up on a budget? Hitting your macros and eating the right foods to reach your goals doesn't have to be expensive. Myprotein ambassador Cohnan Kotarski is giving us a $50 bodybuilding grocery haul for the week that will have you feeling energized and ready to take on your routine. Let's check it out.

Cohnan breaks down the haul into three main categories: protein, carbs, and fats. Let's see what he recommends.


  • Ground beef (80/20)
  • Chicken thighs/drumsticks
  • Whole eggs

You can't go wrong with the classics. Ground beef, chicken, and eggs are staples that will make it easy to get your protein in. Cohnan notes that fattier meats are cheaper, tastier, and higher in calories—making them perfect for bulking on a budget.


  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Oats

Rice, potatoes, and oats provide a great source of carbohydrates. These foods will give you energy and can be used to make a variety of meals. Cohnan points out that buying these in bulk will save you even more money per serving.


  • Avocados
  • Peanut butter

Avocados and peanut butter provide tasty options for getting some healthy fat into your diet. Avocados are nutrient-rich, making them good for your overall health. And peanut butter provides a valuable source of fat and protein and will help you get your calories in. Plus, it tastes good on everything. Cohnan recommends the crunchy kind, but any variety will do.

Take Home Message

Following a strict nutrition plan for bodybuilding and bulking comes with its challenges. But Cohnan's grocery haul makes it simpler than ever to find affordable options that you can easily integrate into your meal plan. Get these basics and you'll be having macro-rich meals in no time. You got this.

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Jamie Haleva
Community User
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A Rutgers University Honors graduate, Jamie grew up on the Jersey shore and double majored in Comparative Literature and Anthropology in college. Jamie is an experienced writer in the health and wellness, biotech, and eCommerce fields. She loves writing with a purpose and has even written for the Department of Justice.

Jamie became drawn to exercise during her time in university and began to notice the physical and mental benefits of moving your body daily. Today, Jamie enjoys Pilates, light weight training, and going on long walks in nature daily.

Jamie is also passionate about eating right and prioritizing gut health and immunity. She is always trying the next innovation in health and wellness. When she’s not writing articles, Jamie enjoys reading, playing guitar, and finding dogs to play with.