Nutritionist Reviews Sugar Busters Diet | ’90s Diet Trends

There were some pretty unorthodox diets back in the ’90s and this impact week our nutritionist, Richie Kirwan, has reviewed some of them. 

First on his list was the Sugar Busters diet. The main purpose of the diet was to keep your blood sugar low, meaning you were only allowed to consume foods with a low glycemic index. 

As Richie highlights, most popular diets have a villain – in this case sugar is the villain, oh and insulin… everyone seems to hate insulin.  



Take Home Message 

You don’t need to cut sugar out entirely to lose weight! Our nutritionist says, sustainable weight loss is all about a calorie deficit – we don’t need a villain (sugar or fat) to lose weight. And leave insulin alone… in the words of Richie, “it’s an important storage hormone. 



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Emily Wilcock

Emily Wilcock

Writer and expert

Emily is studying Business Management & Marketing at the University of Birmingham and is currently on her intern year. She has a keen interest in both writing and fitness, so is happy she can now combine the two. She likes to spend time with her friends, both in & out of the gym.

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