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Here’s What’s New From Myprotein This Black Friday

Here’s What’s New From Myprotein This Black Friday
Ian Roden
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Eager for Black Friday? See What's New Below

MIKE AND IKE® Flavored Clear Whey Isolate

That's right — we're giving you round 2 of the year's best collaboration. Myprotein x MIKE AND IKE® is back with 2 brand new flavors — Caribbean Punch & Sour Watermelon.

Packed with 20g of protein and 4g of BCAAs, MIKE AND IKE® Clear Whey Isolate helps you grow and maintain muscle mass with each scoop from its limited-edition protein tub.

With 0g sugar or fat, this protein powder doesn’t have any milky taste or texture.

Instead, MIKE AND IKE® Clear Whey Isolate has been designed to taste more like a light and refreshing juice than a traditional protein shake, which tends to be thicker.

This makes MIKE AND IKE® Clear Whey Isolate the perfect alternative for those looking for a lighter protein drink.

THE Eddie Hall Pre & Post Workout

Unlock your inner beast with the Eddie Hall collection. Within this duo, you will find tools for pre and post-workout needs.

The All in One Chocolate Brownie flavored post-workout is a tri-blend protein powder with a 2:1 carb to protein ratio for extreme gains. We've even added electrolytes and HMB for increased recovery after your most intense gym sessions.

In addition, the Raspberry Ripple pre-workout was created using an explosive blend of caffeine, creatine, and trending patented ingredients, KSM-66® Ashwagandha and TeaCrine®.

This pre-workout delivers the boost you need to push your body further and see better results than ever before. Check these new "Beast-approved" products out below.

THE ioPea

We're changing the game when it comes to plant protein. Now, you never have to doubt taste or effectivity when it comes to vegan protein powders.

Using  Ingredient Optimized® Technology (IO), THE ioPEA, was made with a process that increases the surface area of protein, dramatically enhancing amino acid absorption and utilization.

This means that this post-workout supplement maximizes the way your body builds and repairs muscle. Available in a Banana Bread flavor, you never have to compensate on plant-based taste again.

Impact Whey Protein | Cinnamon Crunch

Last year, we dished out cereal flavors of our pride and joy — Impact Whey Protein. A core range classic, Impact Whey protein just got an all new cereal flavored protein powder in Cinnamon crunch.

Premium whey packed with 21g of protein per serving, Impact Whey Protein is the everyday protein you need from a quality source, now in a delicious breakfast inspired flavor.

Layered Bar Selection Box

Our Layered Bar is the pinnacle of cheat-less indulgence and convenience. With 5 chocolatey layers, low sugar, and 20g of protein, this protein bar allows you to snack guilt free when you need it most, in a way that's super delicious.

Now, we're offering you all of our best flavors of the Layered Bar (Cookies n' Cream, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Brownie) in a variety box. Don't miss out — these won't stick around long.


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Ian Roden
Writer and expert
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A Fordham University graduate, Ian majored in communications and media studies with a focus in journalism and a minor in anthropology during his time at college. Here, he wrote for the university newspaper ranked top ten in the nation.

A competitive athlete for most of his life, Ian has spent almost a decade working as an ocean rescue lifeguard in New Jersey. Within that role, he has competed in endurance sports competitions against other lifeguards for the last 8 years.

As a lifelong surfer, Ian spends most of his spare time in the ocean regardless of the time of year. He also enjoys distance running, photography, and frequently spending entirely too much money on concert tickets.