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Working Out Over 60 | Tips To Stay Slim

Working Out Over 60 | Tips To Stay Slim

It’s the thing we will all have to endure at some point someday – aging. No one likes it and few look and feel good doing it.

Is this a reason to stop training as a whole? No way! Manipulating your diet and finding the right style of training and cardio will help you not only to stay fit but continue to keep getting fit throughout your upper age. Age is just a number so don’t let that be an excuse for not training hard and eating clean even though you’re not in your prime anymore!

Diet over 60

While getting older is absolutely harder on your body, the one thing you have constant control over is what you put in it for fuel. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself or think you’ve earned a cheeseburger at the end of every hard work day, but the reality is you can’t process food like you once could. As you age your metabolism starts declining and is never as good as when you were in your teens and twenties. Finding ways to boost that metabolism to burn fat and build muscle is the key to staying and even getting fit on past your youth.

Everyone and their mom will say that a low carb diet is the only way to go when it comes to burning fat. This simply isn’t true. Although going low carb is a great way to lose some fat, this stalls your metabolism until the point where you simply cannot lose any more weight. Carb cycling is a great way to naturally drop body weight and shred fat while jump-starting your metabolism to continuously spike your body into a stream of constant fat burning and weight loss. The most basic example is eating low carbs (10%-20% of your macros) for 4-5 consecutive days, followed by a day where you flip it and eat carbs for 70%-80% of your macro makeup. This helps refill muscle stores and restore energy as well as streamlining you straight into fat-burning mode.

Supplements over 60

fit over 60

Supplementing correctly while getting older can also help keep you in great shape. For some, diet and exercise may not be perfect 24/7, so using the right supplements can assist in achieving those fitness goals. One item that should be a staple and not even considered a supplement to some is a form of whey protein. Taking in adequate amounts of protein will help with building muscle, fighting off hunger and helping you to stay in your macro range on those low carb days. Another great supplement that is convenient yet very useful is BCAA’s. BCAA’s help prevent muscle breakdown and aid in rebuilding muscles as well. Sip these upon waking, with a snack, before, during and after workouts and even before bed to help you stay anabolic and in a fat-burning, muscle-building state.

One other supplement you can add to your list is a form of a natural fat-burner. Like we know, some of us just have a problem eating clean all the time. Throwing a green tea based fat-burner in the mix helps ignite your metabolism while providing a natural dosage of caffeine (which also improves metabolic rate) to keep your body burning fat and building lean muscle mass.

Training over 60

The one thing that also comes with old age is the undeniable fact that your body will probably have aches and pains that you never experienced when you were young. And training only adds to the pain- especially when you’re not in the habit of taking care of your body. First things first- don’t think you can still bench 315 and squat 405. There’s no need to do this and you’re only accelerating your tissue degeneration. There are other ways to make the muscles grow and to lose stubborn body fat. Emphasize a workout that is high intensity, lower impact and with little rest times. This will help you build muscle by moving less weight as well as shredding fat without hours of walking on a treadmill. A great split to use is 2 upper body workouts, 2 lower body workouts and a core day with 2 days off on the weekend. You can tweak this to cut back on lower body movement or add in more core strength as well, depending on your goals.

Take-Home Message

Yes, you’re getting older – we all are! – but your life can still be full of fitness as well as one where fitness can still improve despite your age. Finding ways to tweak your diet, incorporate the right supplements and follow a good training plan are key to ensure you keep your fitness level up and live a life that’s long and plentiful!

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