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Tips to Get Into The Fitness Industry & Up On Stage

Tips to Get Into The Fitness Industry & Up On Stage

Brittany Bennett is a Myprotein Ambassador, NPC Physique Competitor, head trainer at MetroFlex Denver – and Lupus sufferer. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease, causing the body to attack its own healthy tissue.

fitness industry tipsBrittany always dreamed of getting up on stage but felt like her illness was holding her back – check out her before shot, right. After a bad hospital stay, she set a goal to get up on stage, then never looked back, even through dark days and Lupus flare-ups.

This incredible lady has now placed 1st, 1st and Overall at the Mid Usas and has her sights firmly set on Nationals. Read on for Brittany’s tips on how to get into the fitness industry and up onto the stage, even when you feel like all the odds are stacked up against you.

Get Up and Do It

Honestly, you just have to get up and do it. Most people say that they lack motivation or energy, but I feel that it comes from your mind. You have to create that energy within yourself. You have to cut all of the negativity out of your life – and that includes your own negative thoughts about yourself. We are so harsh on ourselves, but in reality, we don’t really take a step back and look at where we are. How amazing and incredible our bodies are.

We are created to be strong, happy, have energy – we are created to live life. We are here to follow the desires that are put in our hearts, and go after our dreams! Not dwell in our sorrows of the past. If you are in a current situation that you want to change, you just need to decide to make that change.

Be Tough

fitness industryThis journey is all about you. Not everyone will understand your journey, and that’s okay – because it’s YOURS. You will hear everyone’s opinions, and at times you may even start to believe them. That’s where you will have to develop mental toughness. If you have mental toughness, you will survive a prep in the middle of Thanksgiving when everyone around you is shoving cake and potatoes in your face, telling you that you need to eat a cheeseburger.

If you have mental toughness, you will get up at 3:30am for cardio when everyone in the house is sleeping. You will make no excuses. You will never back down. When people call you names, let it roll off your back. There are a million flavors of tea in this world, but not everyone will like tea. If you don’t understand that saying, think of it this way. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake tastes AMAZING. It is absolutely perfect in its own way. Most people love chocolate cake, but there is always that one person that doesn’t even like cake. It’s not the cake’s fault, it’s not the person’s fault. It’s just life.

Be Yourself

Be yourself, but always remember that people are watching. For example, I have a good thing going right now. I am very present on social media, people seem to like the goofy chick that overcomes the odds of Lupus. Often times, people support the “underdog”. I am present at the shows, for my clients competing, and to help run booths. I am energetic, always positive, I pour my heart into things, and make everyone feel loved and like family, but when the shows are done, I leave. You will meet so many GREAT people – I have so many friends, but I stay far enough away to not let anyone get “too close.” I try to not mix business with personal. And if you want to go far in the industry, you need to treat it as business.

fitness industry

Some people may not understand that, but I watch people, and I have noticed that when you get “too close” it leaves room for drama. You always want a good stigma around you, think about what you want people to think of when they first think of you. Do you want to be known as “oh yeah, she’s super smiley, funny, and down to earth, great personality and she works hard for her placings on stage!”or would you rather be known for “oh yeah remember that girl/guy from (insert crazy drama-filled story here).” When I mentioned that you have to cut the negative from your life, you also have to distance yourself from anything that could be perceived that way, as well.

Remember Who Helped Pave The Way

Final piece of advice – when you are getting ready for your shows, remember who paved the way for you. Respect those that have been in the industry. Having been on both sides of the fence, I learned that I am most successful when I don’t talk about my prep on social media. I used to talk about it every single day, but let people wonder about you. Let the mystery set in. Grind hard in silence, and let your work speak for itself on stage. It is also extremely fun to show up at a show when people don’t expect you to be there.. let alone compete in it!

Everyone will have a serving of Humble Pie at one point or another. I’ve definitely had mine, and these are the lessons I am sharing with you in hopes of you learning from my experiences.

Make Your Journey To Stage Bigger Than You

fitness industry

A lot of the time, we lose sight of why we started this journey to begin with. You will have many hard days, you will have many good days, but you must always remember WHY you are doing what you are doing. Then make it more than yourself. I wanted to be someone that people looked up to. Someone that when they thought of me, brought them strength and motivation to go after their dreams.

Once you make this journey bigger than yourself, it’s a lot more difficult to quit once there are others depending on you. It’s easy to quit on yourself, but when you bring others into the picture, especially those that you love, most times you’ll notice that its them that will help you through your hard times. Do it for yourself, yes, but also do it for them.



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