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The Ultimate Fitness Christmas Wish List

The Ultimate Fitness Christmas Wish List

Christmas time is right around the corner and for us fitness freaks out there, this could essentially be the time of the year in which we end up stocking up on all of our favorite gear and supplements. However, although many of us perform different sports and have different fitness goals, we all have stuff we simply need as basics to help us with our journey. Here is a simple Christmas Wish List that is beneficial to almost all athletes and competitors, regardless of what your goal or training method is.

Fitness Christmas Essentials

Gym Vest

Let’s be honest we all enjoy wearing them, especially when we’ve been working out and we’re looking good. You can wear a tank top or vest for anything, whether it be weight lifting, running or lounging around. Of course with the winter really upon us a tank top isn’t the best thing to wear outside at the moment, but when you’ve made it to the gym it is an essential piece of your fitness clothing attire.

Myprotein stock a variety of tank top vests for men, and you can view the range here. There is also a great collection for women, which you can view here.

Christmas fitness essentals

? Shorts

Many of us train in shorts as they give you great freedom to move, especially when squatting. Joggers/sweatpants are great for going to the gym in, leaving the gym in or lounging around, nut you can get very, very hot working out in them. This is when shorts become the perfect lower body gym attire. The more regularly you go to the gym and wash them means the more worn your shorts will get from all the times they spend in the washer and dryer. A fresh pair of shorts is something any athlete will love and will always need.

? Shoes

This is something I cannot stress the importance of enough for any athlete. No matter how much you may love your current shoes, a new pair with fresher soles and treads on the bottom is extremely important for both running and weight lifting, as it helps prevent slipping and possible injuries from occurring. For squatting it is important to buy shoes with a flat sole to provide a stable base and to prevent your ankle from moving around.

? Gym/Training Bag
Christmas fitness essentials

If you are a weight lifter or simply an athlete in a specific sport, you can always make use of a new training bag. This can be anything from a small mesh back pack to a larger duffel bag or even a meal bag that can carry our food for us. Either way, a new bag to carry ones gear and/or food is essential to every athlete regardless of training methods. You should also consider that if you’ve been using your current bag for a long time and been loading your sweaty gym kit into it, then it’s probably a good idea for an updated fresh bag. You don’t want all your kit smelling bad before you’ve even put it on. I’d recommend the Myprotein Barrel Bag which is the perfect size and durability for taking to the gym on a daily basis. It even has an exterior zip pocket, so your keys won’t get lost in the bag. There are a variety of colors, meaning this bag really can be the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life this Christmas. Or if you know you need a new gym bag, then why not treat yourself!

? Foam Rollers

Now this is not the most traditional of fitness gift and this may seem like something many people do not need. However, if you do not currently have one or the place in which you train at doesn’t have a foam roller for you to use, then I highly recommend having one for yourself. This is great for all athletes as it can help relieve any muscle discomfort and even stretch all muscles and areas on the body, which will help to reduce the risk of injury. Stretching is important for all athletes and a foam roller is a fantastic method of relieving muscle discomfort and strain at home.

? Meal Container

When you’re working out and trying to stick to a training plan food is one of the most important things you need to get right. In the real world, with work, school and college, we don’t have time to cook the perfect macro meal everyday. This is where a meal/food container becomes an essential piece of kit. This allows you to do your meal prep in advance and then store your food safely and securely and take it with you to work or college.  This enables you to eat when you are hungry and helps avoid any urge to stop by a fast food restaurant and pick up an unhealthy snack or lunch and possibly going over your daily calorie limit. I would recommend the Myprotein Klickbox as the perfect meal container. Just don’t forget to take a fork or spoon with you!

Christmas fitness essentials

Take Home Message

There you have it. A simple and versatile list of essentials for all types of athlete from bodybuilders, to runners, to even baseball players. No matter what sport you are in or what kind of training you perform, anything from this list is sure to benefit you in one way or another. Remember this Black Friday that Christmas is just round the corner, so make use of the deals and get your Christmas shopping done early with these perfect gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life.

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