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Sugar Free Diet | Is It Realistic? What Are The Benefits? Side Effects?

Sugar Free Diet | Is It Realistic? What Are The Benefits? Side Effects?

It is very unrealistic to be on a sugar free diet. Technically vegetables and fruit both contain sugar.  When picking a diet plan, it should be one that is long term because there will be holidays, weddings, birthdays for you to be apart of and no one wants to spend the rest of their life being miserable because of a diet. You should enjoy yourself sometime with your loved ones! If losing weight is your goal, then an occasional sweet is fine, unless you have a condition such as diabetes, check with your doctor.

Carbs are important for building muscle. You need that fuel for your muscles to grow and recover. If you don’t have enough carbs for energy, then your body will use protein, or break down muscle for energy. Low carb diets should be short term (3-10 weeks), it is also a good idea to increase your fats when on a low carb diet.

Is Sugar Bad?

Of course it’s a great idea to stay away from processed sugars. Potatoes, rice and grains are great carbs (sugars) to have in your diet and with moderation when losing weight is your goal. Carbs turn into sugar when consumed in excess. If a product have a nutritional label make sure you read it. Too many people get caught into fad diets where no carbs are consumed- this isn’t a long-term fix and the results can be dangerous to your health in the long haul. 

There are a lot of fruit juices in stores touting themselves as being natural and a good way to get your veggies and fruit all in one drink. Many of these juices are concentrated meaning they contain loads of sugar (on average around 45g of sugar). This can not only cause the scale numbers to not move in your favor but this can also spike your sugar levels. Even hidden in eating a “healthy” salad is sugary dressings and processed high fructose fruits. 

Having a low sugar diet is very beneficial. High glycemic diets have been connected to several types of cancer. Type 2 diabetes can also be a result of a high sugar diet and can bring many other health  issues with it including the inability to fight infections, neuropathy, and heart disease. Infections feed off of sugar making it harder for you to heal.

Having sugar that is out of control can damage nerves and many times the result is neuropathy, which causes extreme nerve pain in feet and legs. High sugar can also damage blood vessels, which can cause heart disease and make blood travel difficult to mostly legs and feet resulting in amputation.Over 29 million people in America have diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that is curable, with changes in diet and exercise.

How To Manage Sugar Intake

Cutting out processed sugar can result in you having more natural energy. The more you start to gradually move away from processed sugars you will eventually not crave these sugars, resulting in a healthier body. A popular way of life that a lot of people have adopted is IIFYM. IIFYM stands for If It Fit Your Macros. This method is used for people that is cutting or bulking. This method lets you eat the food that you love so long as it fit within your macro levels. For example, your macros split may be Carbs 20%, Fats 40%, and Protein 40%. You can have your favorite fruity cereal, and pizza only if it fits your macro numbers.

Your body is like a car- it need carbs (gas) in order to run. Too much carbs (gas) then it’ll just spill over and become wasted energy (fat). Processed sugars (cheap bad gas) will cause you to run sluggish,but natural carbs, like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, fruit (premium gas) will let your body run at optimal levels. Which ever direction you decide to go; Whether you’re vegan/vegetarian, an IIFYM, or on a strict doctor’s diet, moderation is key when it comes to sugar intake.

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