Maximize Your Bench Press with Britain’s Strongest Man

Maximize Your Bench Press with Britain’s Strongest Man



Real life super hero and Myprotein ambassador Terry Hollands knows his way around a barbell. In this video the 7 times World Strongest man finalist demonstrates just how the bench press can give you all over body strength. It’s rare to get such a personalized insight from one of the world’s strongest men but here we also get his top tips for one of the world’s favorite exercises.




Terry’s Top Tips

1. Wrist Wraps


“My top tips include a few different things, firstly I always use wrist wraps. these allow for an increase in the weight you can lift, it makes the bar feel lighter in your hands. I think this helps support the lift, as it’s more of a mental thing.”

“Mainly this will help protect you from injury, which is our main concern, no one wants to start improving then go backwards through an injury they pick up during training.” says Terry.


2. Empty Bar


“I always start off with an empty bar, making sure everything feels smooth and moving in the right way and that you are mentally prepared. Practice with an empty bar and get warmed up in a controlled way to set up your bench press session.” says Terry.


3. Base of Sternum 


“My next point is to always lower the bar to the bottom of the sternum, bodybuilders make do it lower than that, but for strength and power you want to get it just at the base of the sternum.” says Terry.




4. Tuck Your Elbows


“You also want to tuck the elbows in, again this is for strength and power. you may stick your elbows out further if you are concentrating on hypertrophy.” says Terry.


5. Grip Placement


“My grip is a more narrow grip, just outside of shoulder width, this allows me to tuck my elbows in more easily. This is the way to lift those big weights and really increase your strength and power.” says Terry.


Grip Placement


6. Using Your Back


“You want to compact your shoulder blades together, and make a bridge over the bar, keeping the tension on the muscles of the back, this allows you to use your lats to power the weight instead of your chest, so you can be more efficient in the pressing movement in terms of weight and rep range.” says Terry.



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