How To Stay Motivated & Stick To Your Goals

How To Stay Motivated & Stick To Your Goals

You’ve been consistently dedicating your time and effort in the gym, and your nutrition has been great fuel for your workouts.  But this morning, you woke up from a great night’s sleep, and you’re just not feeling up to working out again.  Here are some tips to help keep you motivated.

Remember Why You Started

how to stay motivated

Remembering why you started to exercise in the first place can be motivating all on its own.  Maybe you started because you wanted to gain weight, or get super strong.  Having goals for yourself is great, but it’s also great to want to achieve those goals by staying motivated and on task.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking a step back to remember how great you felt when you first started out.

Take Progress Pictures

Be your own motivation by taking progress pictures of yourself.  You can use these to look back at yourself and really see how far you’ve come when you’re feeling unmotivated.  Especially nowadays with so much social media, it can prevent motivation when you compare yourself to someone else.  Usually, the person you’re comparing yourself that has been training for years when you’re only just starting out.  Remembering that everyone else is on their own journey, and peeking at your progress pictures from time-to-time can be a lot more reassuring that one day, you will get there too!

Switch It Up

how to stay motivated

Maybe you’re a sprinter, and you’re tired of running.  Maybe you’ve been doing the same lifts for a couple months, and you don’t feel like lifting today.  Switching up your training regime can be a great way to feel motivated again.  Sticking to your usual plan is a great way to progress and beat personal records, but if you’re not feeling up to doing what you would usually love to do, maybe it’s time to switch up the type of training you do.  Maybe you’re a runner, try circuit training.  Or maybe you’re a power lifter, try yoga or pilates.  Switching up the way you train also help target different muscle fibers within the body, and you may even be surprised at the gains you’ve earned while doing something totally different!

Set New Goals

This may go hand-in-hand with switching up your regime, as discussed above.  However, maybe you’ve already feel like you’ve reached all of the goals that you’ve previously set for yourself when you first started.  This is the beauty of the fitness journey.  You might have fully completed a workout plan that you’ve purchased or given yourself, and now you’re thinking, “Now what?”  This is a good time to focus on new goals.  You might have reached a desired number of repetitions on a specific exercise, or hit a new personal record (PR) in weight.  Those are great goals to have, but maybe you want to push yourself further.  You can achieve this a few different ways by increasing overall intensity; such as taking a shorter rest period between sets, continuing to increase weight and/or reps, or moving at a faster (yet, controlled) pace.


how to stay motivated

Resting is important.  Although this we’re talking about motivation here, resting is something your body may need.  Even if you don’t have achy muscles, your body might feel physically exhausted which is causing you to feel unmotivated.  If that’s the case, allow your body to rest and recover so that you’re able to hit the gym again, and knock out those workouts!  Our bodies recover and rebuild during rest and sleep.  Nobody says you need to have an “all or nothing” mindset.  While that may be beneficial, don’t forget the importance of sleep as well.  Without rest, we increase the risk of injury which forces us to take even more days off.

Take-Home Message

Sometimes we may feel unmotivated, and that’s okay.  If rest is what your body needs, then please do so accordingly.  These are some tips that I use to help me feel motivated again.  Sometimes life gets in the way and knocks us off course.  That’s okay, too.  Try these tips to help get your head back in the game, and knock out your next workout; whatever it might be!

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