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Could I Be Overtraining? 5 Signs You’re Overdoing It

Could I Be Overtraining? 5 Signs You’re Overdoing It

You go to the gym every day and you feel like you’re just not getting results. Why? Because there’s a serious possibility that you are overtraining. Although it is very hard to train your body past the point of exhaustion, it is a very essential point to look at and check to see if the following is occurring in your life.

#1: Trouble Sleeping/Feeling Restless

One of the main results of overtraining is not being able to sleep properly. This is mainly the result of intense aerobic exercise constantly being done without enough rest and recovery. The nervous system is continuously being worked throughout any form of exercise and needs proper time to fully recover before your next session. So if you just can’t seem to wind down at night, first make sure you’re not working out too late at night and then maybe dial down the volume of workouts so you feel completely refreshed and ready for your next session.

signs of overtraining

#2: Your Body Fat is Still Hanging Around

One of the main reasons you’re not able to see great results as far as losing weight goes, is because you could be training too much. When your hormone levels are balanced, it is prime for you to be able to drop some weight. If training too much, your hormone levels will be unbalanced and testosterone levels decrease and cortisol levels increase. When cortisol (stress) levels are high you’re operating in a catabolic state and not able to fully develop your body. This then enhances body fat instead of fat burning. Keep this in mind when your results seem to stall.

#3: You Keep Getting Sick

Sometimes you just can’t help but catching a cold or even just getting some sniffles. But if you’re getting sick more often than your non-healthy peers, you may want to take a look at your training schedule. When your body is being completely drained from the gym, your immune system will take a major hit as well. Your best bet to combat this is going to take a full week’s rest from the gym (may throw in some cardio a couple days) and really focus on your rest and recovery. Throw in some extra anti-oxidants and vegetables that are vitamin backed that can help you start to feel better, quicker.

signs of overtraining

#4: You Don’t Feel Good After You Lift

When you’re hitting your gym sessions regularly it should make you feel good about getting work done and bettering your health. If you’re doing too much, you will not experience this feeling. Like when keep getting sick, take a break from going to the gym when you start to feel crappy after a good session, not motivated to go lift or just plain irritable. Get some extra rest and drink plenty of water for a couple days and your mind will get back and ready to crush some workouts.

#5: Unusual Aches and Pains

It’s a given that eventually you’ll have some sort of joint/bone aches when lifting long enough. But this should subside and not be constant. If you do experience this, throw in a deload week into your normal lifting schedule. The most popular cycle would be about 8-10 weeks of consistent lifting/cardio followed by 1 week completely off from the gym. If prone to injury, try and take this week to completely rid yourself of any outstanding aches and pains. Foam rolling, getting a massage and just plain stretching will help to get you back in the gym quicker and feeling more refreshed.

signs of overtraining


Take-Home Message

If you’re suffering through any of these above symptoms, the best thing you can do is to take time off and fully rest. Many will think this will be a hindrance to your gains but ultimately help you in the long run and improve the longevity of your fitness career. One week of from lifting will do your body more good than you know, so get your diet right and maybe double on some of your supplements and get your body ready for war when it’s time to hit it again.

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

Writer and expert

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