Olympia 2015 | The Preview

Olympia 2015 | The Preview

The time we’ve all been waiting for – and bodybuilders have been training, eating, and working for – is upon us: the Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend 2015 has begun, and it’s already proving to be one of the most exciting ever before any of the athletes have even stepped on stage.

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First up, as of the time of writing Kai Greene will not be competing. He’s a hotly-tipped contender with over 20 years on the bodybuilding scene, and this year will be the first Olympia since 2009 without Kai featuring in the top 10. There’s no confirmation on why he will be absent: Mr Olympia promoter Robin Chang has released a statement to say the decision was entirely Kai’s, though there is speculation he has been banned from the show. Watch Kai tearfully exposing his inner thoughts below.

There’s a further plot twist – longstanding Mr. Olympia judge Lee Thompson has suddenly left the IFBB to start his own organization, intending to bring IFBB, WBFF, and further federations’ members together. Lee released a video Wednesday introducing Nspire, emphasizing its community vision, and welcoming athletes to join.

In happier Olympia news, the expo is all ready to go – check out the behind-the-scenes shot of the Myprotein stand going up! Come visit us at stand 756 to meet the team, including Myprotein ambassadors Simeon Panda, Chris Lavado, Charissa Littlejohn and Lewis Harrison.

myprotein at olympia

Myprotein ambassadors Charissa Littlejohn, Kirk Miller, Carly Thornton and Owen Harrison talk us through their top five Olympia physiques. Will their favorites align with the judges’ choice?

So will the big Mr. Olympia winner be Phil Heath for the 5th year running, or will it be Dennis Wolf, Shawn Roden, or Branch Warren? Maybe someone will come out of nowhere and surprise the entire convention! With all the excitement so far, the atmosphere is sure to be electric at the show.

Will you be there? What are your predictions? Let us know!




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