NFL Season 2017 – Your Alternative Training Plan

The pre-season building has been filled with an array of weird, wonderful and downright insane workouts. Tried Insanity to get in shape? Try a few of these on for size:

First of all, you have OBJ’s brick catches and speed push-ups to build speed, grip, and reactions.

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Next up we’ve seen David Johnson leaping to the side of a pool from the waist-high water. This phenomenal maneuver not only means supreme core strength, but mega quad, hamstring and calf power to project a man that size against the considerable resistance of water.

Marshawn Lynch performed quick step drills in the sand. What are the benefits to be reaped from this? You’ll exert far more energy running on sand than tarmac, so in order to run at your usual pace on a road, you’ll be putting your muscles to harder work in order to combat the sinking and weight you’ll experience from training on the sand. Studies suggest that you can burn 30 per cent more calories running on sand than on tarmac. Because of the resistance and instability of beach running, the smaller, stabilizing muscles surrounding your knees will be put to greater use than on a level surface, which will ultimately strengthen them in ways a treadmill could not.

Myles Garrett unbelievably leg pressed at full weight plus a man sitting on top, while Chad Johnson ran on a treadmill at 24 mph. Enough said.

The point, as you’ve likely gathered by now, is that the superhuman heights of NFL players’ athletic abilities mean going that extra mile when training… don’t forget, you’ll need to pull an SUV that extra mile if you want to keep up with Duke Riley.

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If the above hasn’t tired you out just thinking about it, we have a few further suggestions that take basic exercises up a level.

Uphill Ladder Sprints

Lay a ladder (or preferably something softer in case you fall on it) on a slope, starting at a level bottom. Sprint the length of the ladder placing both steps in each wrung as you go.

Running up hill burns more calories and works more muscles than running on a level surface.

Knees Up With Resistance

Resistance running helps to build explosive power and speed. You’ll need a partner for this or a way to create resistance from behind as you sprint. Run with your knees high to past your waist. Repeat this three times over 30 yards.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Working out with a barbell or machines all the time won’t necessarily build symmetrical strength, but by lifting with a dumbbell in each hand you will know that each arm and each side of your body is taking equal strain. Perform as you would with a barbell.

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These, on the surface, appear to be killer press-ups, but they’re much more than that. You’ll thank us later. Begin by assuming the press-up position with a dumbbell in each hand. Perform a push-up and on your back, once your arms straighten, row with one hand, place it back down and do the same with the other. By doing this you will be counterbalancing the force of both pushing and pulling, seriously developing your upper body – not least your core. (Think planks).

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