Lunch Break Sweat | Short Workout

Lunch Break Sweat | Short Workout

Short on time during your day and just can’t fit in a solid workout? Most everyone has around a 1 hour break for lunch so use this time to get a workout in, eat a healthy recovery meal and get re-charged for the rest of your day! In just about 25 short minutes, you’ll burn fat, tone muscle and boost metabolism to get you on your way to a healthier you.

The Workout

Factoring in about 10 minutes to drive and get changed for the gym as well as on the way back, you’re left with a solid 40 minute block of time. Use this for a killer workout and replenish your body with a quick meal or protein shake/smoothie that you can sip at your desk back at work. This will be performed in a circuit fashion consisting of 4 rounds of 5 exercises with 15 seconds rest between each minute’s worth of work. Get after it!

short workoutJumping Jacks (1 minute)

Placing this first allows the body to be thoroughly warmed up and prevent any kind of injury as well as getting a good sweat going. Keep your form tight on these instead of just going through the motions. Focus and pressing your arms and legs out and focus on squeezing them all together rather than just flailing them back and forth. You’ll feel a much more deep muscle burn and also burn more calories due to greater muscle activation.

short workoutPushups (1 minute)

After 15 seconds of rest from the jumping jacks, begin performing as many pushups as possible in 1 minute. We’re doing 4 sets of these so try and switch up your hand placement such as neutral, wide, narrow, diamond and even plyo versions of this movement. If by the 3rd or 4th set of these you’re fatiguing too soon, you can drop down to your knees and perform the reps this way which will take some tension off the pecs.

short workoutMountain Climbers (1 minute)

The next movement on this lunch-time circuit is for your abs and core. We spend so much time at our desks and usually we don’t have the greatest posture. Ensuring your core is strong and tight will help with posture throughout the day whether sitting or standing. Perform these with good form but as fast as possible to really burn the abdominal muscles. To hit some oblique work, cross your torso with the knee that’s coming through and repeat for the other side.

Burpees (1 minute)

Your heart rate should be up now and the body is fully warm and ready to take on any movement. Burpees will help with explosiveness, balance and overall muscle building and body shaping from the whole body taking part in this exercise. You can perform these as quickly as possible as well but try to emphasize the jump up in the air at the end to really torch some fat and burn those legs.

short workout

short workoutHigh Knees (1 minute)

By now you’re really out of breath but finish this workout strong with some burnout high knees. You’ll stand in place and begin to run with the knees up to the torso as high as possible on each rep. If you’re starting to fail, place your hands out in front of you for a target for those knees to hit on each rep.

Take-Home Message

There really is no excuse for not having time to get in a workout every day. If lunches are usually free for you, use this time to get a great workout in and help you finish the remainder of your day strong with some new found energy!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

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