How To Choose A Personal Trainer

How To Choose A Personal Trainer

Sweet – you’ve made the decision to get a personal trainer and that’s awesome! I say that not only because I’m a personal trainer, but because I have one and he’s awesome. Before he and I started, I used to think that personal training was a waste of money. I was already certified, but even if I wasn’t I knew I could just look up programs and exercises on the internet. It was going really, well, too! I would be lying if I told you I was stalling in my progress, or that the workouts were getting boring. I really enjoyed what I was already doing, but I knew my trainer had a lot to offer. Here’s how I convinced myself that I wanted him and not just any other person to train me:

Figure out your goals

What do you hope to achieve? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle? Strength? Which lifts do you want to see increase? My biggest goal was to be able to bench 135lbs. I’m a small and younger female who’s new to powerlifting, so this was huge for me get two plates on each side with a clean lift.

What style of training do they have to offer?

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Ask them what their style is. This is really important. People usually train how they themselves exercise, as well. In my opinion, the best trainers are not the ones who adapt to the style their client wants- it’s the trainer who implements their true training style and beliefs into their clients’ workouts as they see necessary. This doesn’t mean that my trainer wanted me to deadlift 600lbs like he can (although I would love to!), but it means that he’s a strength guy. Powerlifting and StrongMan competitions are his thing, so we had something in common right from the beginning.

Are you compatible?

Much like a first date, you have to test the water to find out if you’re really committed to this person. I’m serious! Ask them for a quick 30 minute training session to see what they’re like. Do your personalities mesh well? Is conversation flow easily? No matter what, they’re probably going to want to work with you because they want to help you, but also because you’re willing to pay them. Just being honest here!

Watch them train!

That’s right- you hop onto that stairmaster and watch each trainer do their thing. See how they interact, who they train, and what exercises their clients are doing. Everyone is different, so I would recommend you keep your eye on them when they’re training someone who looks like the same age, build, and gender. Chances are your goals will be different, but you wouldn’t want to watch them train an elderly man if you’re a 25 year old woman, right?

Good luck and may you make many gains!

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