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Football Workouts | Build Power, Strength & Speed

Massive, quick, large, and most definitely in charge, are just some of the traits professional American football players possess.

These athletes need to be the strongest and fastest they can possibly be just to win the eyes of recruiters and to be at the top of their game. A variety of exercises are good to have in your program for remaining healthy, but as an athlete, there are specific exercises needed to increase one’s functionality in that specific sport that they play.

Football players in the gym focus on strength, power, and speed to give them the physique to deliver devastating hits to the opposing team. Here are the top 5 moves you should be building to achieve a powerhouse American football body.

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Move 1 – The Power Clean

The power clean is one of the most important lifts to perform when achieving a football physique. This one specific movement targets many body parts and helps you develop the intense power needed to drive defenders away as your QB runs behind you or to make a powerful tackle to stop the opponents from scoring.

This exercise hits specifically your hamstrings, traps, and shoulders, but realistically, works your whole body.

To perform the power clean:

? Bend down with a flat back and hold the barbell a little outside shoulder width apart. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart as well.

? The first movement is the same as a deadlift, but with a more explosive “pull” in the beginning.

? Explode up till the bar reaches your knees. The bar should be traveling upwards by your initial pull off the ground and not your arms bringing it up.

? Shrug your traps upwards, dip under the bar, and catch it on your front delts.

? Stand up & Repeat

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Move 2 – Narrow Grip Bench Press

The next move you should be doing is the narrow grip bench press. Although the wide grip bench press is great for building strength and an imposing physique. The narrow bench press lets you get a massive contraction in your chest as well as growing your triceps.

Keeping your arms close to your body and having this power is what helps football players block opponents. This move helps perfect one’s ability to be functional at the sport, but also can reap you huge benefits to building your size.

To perform a narrow bench press:

? Set up like you would when performing a regular bench press

? Put your hands just inside shoulder width apart

? Lift the bar down slowly, hold, then push up contracting and squeezin your pecs at the top of the movement

Move 3 – Farmer’s Walks

6709298_origFarmer’s walks are going to build that forearm and trap size that you have dreamed about. To gain massive forearms, you need to be holding an extraordinary amount of weight for a decent time. The deadlift will most definitely help, but farmer’s walks are going to be way more beneficial.

This exercise works your traps, shoulders, forearms, and your legs.

To perform farmer’s walks:

? Find a pair of substantially heavy dumbbells that you can hold for under 20 seconds.

? Pick them up and hold them directly by your side.

? Pick a distance and walk with them till that point, then drop them.

? Repeat

Move 4 – Squat

The squat is the king of exercises that works an unbelievable amount of muscles in your body. This is the key exercise to gain a huge football lower body and to develop an enormous amount of power that can be used in any sport. This exercise works your whole lower body, which makes it one of the most important exercises you should be doing.

When performing a squat:

? Step under the bar and place it on the top of your traps.

? Stand up and let the weight rest.

? Slowly lower your body down with a flat back till you are parallel or just below parallel to the ground

? Explode quickly up

Move 5 – Pull-Ups

To work your back, most football players do bodyweight or weighted pull-ups. And yes, a lot of these big football players can do pull-ups, surprising huh?

Pull-ups work your whole back and your arms, making it a key component to a football players workout regimen. Even with only a few pull-ups at a time, the numbers add up when you keep adding sets and weight.

It may be worth investing in a Dipping Belt so you can add weight when performing pull-ups.

To perform a pull-up:

? Hang from a bar with your hands shoulder width apart

? Feel the stretch at the bottom

? Pull your body up to till your chin is over the bar and your back is completely contracted

? Slow on the way down

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Take Home Message

These 5 moves can definitely be added into your workout schedule to add size, strength, and power to your body. Remember to go heavy while maintaining perfect form. Football players stay in the low rep range, which is essential to improving strength. Lift hard, smart, and eat large, then maybe you too can obtain a glorious powerhouse football physique.


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