Exercises To Make You Feel Like You’re On Holiday

Exercises To Make You Feel Like You’re On Holiday

Holidays make great motivators when we are stepping up our fitness routine. But could holidays themselves be healthy? There are plenty of activities that work your body and put you in a beach paradise frame of mind. We’ve collated our favorite moves so you can get the holiday feeling all year round.




The traditional Polynesian dance of hula is a great workout. There are plenty of online tutorials, so put on a Hawaiian playlist and get moving. The dance works the whole body. As you may have guessed from the hip swaying that the dance is famous for, you will be working your core and oblique muscles. The side stepping and rocking motion also works your glutes and the arm positions will help to tone your arms. You’ll feel ready for Waikiki Beach in no time!



Jumping under the limbo stick is a holiday party favorite. While one attempt after a few margaritas will not make a huge difference to your fitness, prolonged practice makes a great form of exercise.
Maintaining the reclined back works your core and as you lower your body you will feel the burn in your legs as you move. Perfect your technique by gradually lowering the stick as you master each level. Next time there’s a limbo competition at your hotel, you’ll be on to a winner.


Volley Ball


Volley Ball is a great beach side pastime. While few gyms have a volleyball court, your local leisure center is much more likely to have volleyball facilities or even a team. Volley ball is a great cardio workout, and the jumping and dodging involved work your whole body. If you can’t find the facilities near you, rope in a friend and head to your local park. Get creative and competitive playing catch. You’ll be amazed at how much of a sweat you can work up.

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Running To An Exotic Playlist


When you arrive at a foreign destination, the music and radio in the taxis, bars, and shops really cement the feeling of being away from home. Find an internet based foreign radio station to play as you work out. If the speaking in between songs throws you off, you can find plenty of playlists from abroad on most streaming sites. The change in your routine will help you feel like you’re in holiday mode even when you’re running around your neighborhood or hitting the treadmill.


Pool Games


If you don’t hit the pool very often, just swimming can feel like a holiday treat. But, to ramp up the holiday factor, bring a beach ball and play some pool games in between your lengths. Even playing catch can really create an all body workout as you jump, dive and swim. If pool toys aren’t allowed, racing against friends or family can ramp up your cardio and add fun to your front crawl.
You will have to check with your gym or leisure center that you are going at a time where pool games are allowed.

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