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5 Essential Gym Accessories

5 Essential Gym Accessories

Going to the gym is one thing, but being prepared for the gym is a whole separate dilemma on its own. Hundreds of workout accessories are shoved in our faces from advertising that make us truly lose track of what is really needed. Not all gym accessories are for you to have the greatest workout of your life, but they can definitely be used to make this whole workout thing a little more enjoyable for yourself. Here are the my top 5 essential gym accessories that you should be using if you are a regular gym goer.

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5 Gym Essentials

Shaker Cup or Water Bottle

Staying hydrated at the gym is the key to feeling good enough to actually want to workout and not pass out. During your workouts you are meant to be highly active and to sweat, so staying hydrated is probably one of the most important things to do for your body. Be prepared to stay hydrated by bringing a shaker cup or a water bottle.

Everyone today seems to have a shaker cup with them at the gym. Shaker cups normally contain a powder blender inside them and sometimes even a protein powder holder screw off bottom! Shaker cups make it easy to enjoy your post-workout protein shake clump free after a hard workout. No blender is needed for added convenience.

Innovative Gym Clothes

Wearing the right clothes and shoes is very important when going to the gym. First, you want clothes you will feel comfortable in, mentally and physically. Wearing the right kind of clothes that fit to your liking can boost your confidence and that can in turn then lead to you actually wanting to go to the gym, or even feeling better about yourself while at the gym. Feeling comfortable physically in your clothes will make you focus more on your actual workout and not on the fact that you can barely squat down from the tightness of your jeans.

This leads to wearing the appropriate gym attire for your workout. Do not wear jeans if you are squatting (or ever), but just remember to not wear clothes that will not hinder your flexibility. Keep in mind what kind of workout you will be having and then base your clothes on your preference. Wearing a ridiculously tight t-shirt may make you look a bit bigger, but it won’t help your mobility when performing working sets.

For complete mobility for Men I would recommend the Myprotein Vest range available here. For Women there is also a great selection of training tops available here. Have a look and find what’s best for you!

Also, do not forget that shoes are highly important. Make sure you own a few good pairs of trainers or running shoes to use depending on your workout.

? Lifting Straps

Many frown on lifting straps and claim they are unnatural or unnecessary, but the advantages they have for the bodybuilding world are incredible. Lifting straps help individuals lift heavier amounts of weight by taking the forearms and your grip out of the movement. The straps tighten onto the dumbbell, barbell, or machine from your wrist and let you control the weight without gripping.

You may be asking yourself why is this valuable? The problem is  that forearm and grip strength is generally at an extreme disadvantage when compared to the strength of let’s say our back. Your back can handle more weight than what your forearms and grip can manage, so using straps will let you be able to work your back for longer.

For example, on a dumbbell row, maybe you can only do 80 lb for 10 repetitions, but with straps and taking grip strength out of the equation, your back can actually perform the movement for 15 repetitions. Straps are very valuable for lifts such as rows, deadlifts, pulldowns, and much more! Lifting straps can allow you to train your muscles to complete fatigue, making sure your muscles tire and not your grip strength.

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Barrel Bag

When going to the gym you need something to carry all your gym accessories in. Whether that be your gym clothes to change into, your supplements for pre, intra or post workout, or maybe a towel and shower gel for the showers after a workout.

Having a gym bag is a necessity for keeping things together and making sure you do not forget anything you need to take to the gym. The Myprotein barrel bag is perfect for this. It also has an exterior zipped pocket perfect for putting small things in like your keys, which would be easy to lose in the main body of the bag.


Meal prep is so important for making sure you achieve your goals, but you need a way of transporting your prepared meals to work, school or university. This is where containers become so important. The Myprotein Klickbox is available in two sizes: Large and Small, meaning you can pick the perfect one for you.

The Klickbox includes a number of removable compartments if you want to keep food separated and can be used again and again. Just remember to wash it!

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Take Home Message

There you have it. If you are looking to improve your accessory list from the gym, follow this list and you will be on your way to more comfortable and motivating workouts. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and ways of accessories, so find out what works for you, don’t be scared to try new things, and kick some butt in the gym!

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