Don’t Lose Workout Motivation #BreakTheWall

#BreakTheWall: don’t lose workout motivation

‘Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit’.

‘Go Hard Or Go Home’.

‘Weakness Is A Choice’.

We’ve all seen the posters aimed at help you finish your set even though you’re straining less than halfway.

But everyone’s motivated by different factors. For some, the endorphin rush is enough on its own. For others, their will power to reach a certain goal carries them through. Recalling negative experiences and listening to a pacey playlist are other powerful ways to get your blood pumping and your body fired up.

Though sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you reach The Wall.

It’s easy to lose motivation and give up. We do it alarmingly often, as we recently found in our survey that found:

  • One in three Americans break New Year’s health resolutions in 24 hours
  • 24% give up within seven weeks of starting
  • 25% have broken them three times in the past five years
  • 59% have made the same resolutions in at least two different years

Why do we lose motivation?

Whether it’s because we’re too tired, too busy or too stressed, we have as many reasons for losing motivation as we have ways of finding it.

In our survey, we found 46% people call time on their new gym regime due to the challenge of sticking to a diet. A hectic lifestyle leads nearly a quarter of people (24%) to throw in the towel, while a further 19% simply lose interest in their fitness objectives.

Of those objectives, losing weight is the focus of nearly one-third of gym-goers (30%) while a quarter – equally split between male and female gym-goers – hope to tone up their physique every time they hit the weights or the treadmill.

How can you #BreakTheWall?

No one said getting your dream gym body was going to be easy. While a smart diet and robust workout plan are key to getting slim or trim, your grit, determination and drive to succeed is just as important.

If you’ve fallen behind, here are some sure-fire ways to overcome those mental roadblocks and reboot your motivation.

  • Plan around your goals. 28% of people wanted to achieve a certain goal to prove something to themselves. Make sure the target you’ve set yourself is challenging yet realistic and work back from there, finding a solid workout plan that supports it.
  • Planning makes perfect. Nearly a third (32%) broke their New Year health resolution last year as they had no plan in place – and 25% failed to stick to their diet due to lack of planning. A solid plan covering nutrition and exercise is key to sticking to your aims.
  • Train with other people. Teaming up with friends and family members with similar fitness goals can create a shared focus. With a supportive network around you, you’ll never have to overcome the more challenging times alone.
  • Know your limits. Challenge yourself – but don’t go too far. You could be risking injury or exhaustions if you try to take on too much too soon – be prepared for your transformation to take time.
  • Take rest days. Your body needs to heal, so rest days are essential for your muscles to recover, develop and keep you moving forward. If you don’t take rest days, you could end up overworking your muscles and injuring yourself.
  • Nurture nutrition. Your body’s physical performance depends on how it’s fed – so combine your training plan with the right nutrition. Get a balanced diet of carbs, fats and protein – not forgetting vitamins and minerals – because you won’t be able to look the part without feeling it, too.


Working out is hard and can be frustrating. But it’s worth it to reap the rewards of a healthy body and achieve your potential. A training plan could be just what you need begin your fitness journey and smash your goals – so check out Myprotein’s health and fitness calendars now and success could be just around the corner.

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