5 Reasons To Use A Calorie Counting App

5 Reasons To Use A Calorie Counting App

In the fitness community it is becoming normal to count every calorie you consume in order to aid your overall goals of weight loss or muscle gain. It sounds obsessive and you will get some strange looks sometimes but overall it is a fantastic way to keep yourself in check and always be on top of your diet.

It isn’t as hard to do as you think

Initially you assumed you will have to enter details of what you eat and every gram of its content will take you a long time to do. However most counters, my fitness pal for example, has saved items that have been verified and used by other users so all you need to do is type in the name of the product and there it is. Tracking apps also have a camera feature that allows you to scan the barcode of any item and find the nutritional info for it. If that wasn’t enough, it then stores the food you have eaten so if you ever eat it again it’s just a tick box option. It couldn’t be easier.

You can plan

calorie counting app

Personally I go onto my app the night before and I plan my day. I have worked out my macronutrients for the day and my calories I need to consume and I know what food is in my fridge or is in my containers ready to take in the morning. I have the day filled out before it happens and that keeps me on track. I can also edit meals accordingly so that I don’t find I’ve eaten a breakfast so high in fat that I can’t have beef for lunch without messing up my goals for the day.

It scares you

Yes it does and it’s a good thing. The average person dramatically underestimates how many calories are in foods they like. Before using these trackers I always assumed you couldn’t have too much good thing so when I ate rice or fruit or pasta (food I had always heard was healthy) I consumed lots of it and the first time I scanned in a huge bowl of penne with a sauce and some cheese on top my mind was blown. I would assume most people would have the same shock upon using these apps.

It prevents cheating too badly

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I challenge you to scan your cheat food item before you eat it and see if you still eat as much as you planned. A tub of Ben and Jerrys, a McDonald’s burger and fries with a coke or a huge bag of potato chips… you might even put them away.

It’s a community

The app posts updates to friends that you tracked, lost weight and hit goals. It has recipes available and you receive reminders to track. It is an interactive weight watchers with support of friends and assistance for you to hit your goals with graphs and pie charts to show progress.

Take-Home Message

Do yourself a favor and jump on the calorie tracker train and watch your results skyrocket. They are much more user-friendly than you would ever imagine.

Kevin Dickson

Kevin Dickson

Writer and expert

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