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5 Benefits of Circuit Training

5 Benefits of Circuit Training

Switching up your workouts while staying consistent is the key to seeing results not only for your health, but also for your physique. There are many different methods to train your body, such as powerlifting, cardio based workouts, bodybuilding, or even Olympic lifting. One form of training that remains popular and that can help you reap benefits is the exhausting, circuit training.

Circuit training is using a variety of exercises back to back to give you a new way to do aerobic exercises and to incorporate lifting and cardio simultaneously. Little rest, constant movement, and a variety of exercises can make your long workouts shorter and give you incredible results.

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 1. More Enjoyable Cardio

We all know cardio is good for us, but do we really want to sit on an elliptical or on a treadmill for an hour? Circuit training keeps you moving and doing a variety of exercises besides being in a steady state for a certain period of time. One moment you may be box jumping and then the next you are jump roping. You are constantly moving and doing something different with every moment, which gives you an amazing workout and takes the boredom out of training.




 2. Build Muscle Endurance

Since you are constantly moving, there is little rest to be had during circuit training. With the addition of adding weight lifting movements as well as body weight movements into your circuit, you will be building your muscular endurance and increasing your athleticism. Repeatedly going between different lifting exercises is going to be very taxing on your muscles and thus will help you build up to being able to work out your muscles for longer and harder.

 3. Shock Your Body

If your body is used to a classic 4-day split bodybuilding workout or even your cardio sessions, your body is never going to change. To make the required transformations to your body, you need to shock your muscles and show your body something it is not used to. Incorporating circuit training into your training is a new way to switch up your workouts and continue making progress in the gym. You can shock your body by just incorporating circuit training into your training or even just switching up the type of circuit training exercises you do. If you are a bodybuilder, you do not have to dedicate your life to circuit training, but occasionally incorporating it can help you enjoy many benefits.


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 4. Burn More Calories

Circuit training means that you have very little rest, which allows you to continue burning calories throughout your whole workout! And utilizing circuits that work essentially your whole body is even going to help you burn more calories than a usual weightlifting session. Moving constantly, working different muscle groups, and taking very little rest is going to heat your body up and aid fat loss. Circuit training can be pretty intense, which means you are getting a great workout.

 5. You Can Save Time in the Gym

Some people just don’t have the time to stay at the gym for 2 hours. Circuit training helps you get your workouts done efficiently and quickly by limiting rest and working your whole body. Set a certain number of rounds and just go for it! You’ll be exhausted after even 30 minutes.


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Take Home Message

Circuit training is a great way to switch up your routine and improve your body. The benefits are far too great to skip out on this wonderful style of training. Switch things up, shock your body, and try something new, because you never know if you’ll like it until you try it!

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