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4 Ways to Stay in Shape this Summer with Gabby Male and Jordan Morello

We’d like to say that Summer snuck up on you but let’s get real: it could not come any slower.

With Summer in full effect, we thought we’d share some fit tips to help ease the stress of staying in shape all summer long.

ACE-certified personal trainers and Myprotein athletes, Gabby Male and Jordan Morello are going to give you their best guidance for getting lean and eating clean.

So let’s get to it. Let’s hear expert advice from professionals that put your best health first.

1. Try HIIT and Incorporate Weight Training

Beach bodies are often associated with lean muscle mass. For Gabby, this starts with weight-training.

“I personally suggest that all women lift weights in some way, shape, or form… The best workouts are the ones that you love, you can stick to, and you will keep coming back to do.” Gabby explains.

“I personally love and would recommend starting with weight lifting with some plyometric/HIIT movements worked in as well.”

For tools, Gabby recommends dumbbells, kettle bells, and barbell movements to build muscle and get stronger.


“For plyometric and HIIT movements, I love incorporating things like medicine ball slams, burpees, squat jumps, jump rope, bike or treadmill sprints, and other body weight movements that will make you work up a sweat.” says Gabby.

“This will help you build lean muscle but also will keep your heart rate up to burn more calories during the workout.”

But this doesn’t mean limiting yourself to the same old routine.

Gabby says “Get outside, try a boxing class, go to a spin class, try rock climbing, get into the gym, workout at home, and just try everything!

This will keep fitness fun, exciting, and it won’t seem like a chore.”


2. Try Super-Setting to Maximize your Routine

Not everyone has the time to exercise for hours. A fast and efficient way to maximize your routine, super-setting is when you move from one exercise to another continuously without resting.

For Jordan, this is an easier way to get in shape for summer.

“My go-to workouts for cutting fast are super-set workouts. What I personally see the best results with are the traditional bodybuilding routines with super-sets added onto every movement.” says Jordan.

Like Gabby, Jordan recommends bringing your routine to the outdoors.

“If you don’t have that much time to get to the gym, one of my favorite fat-torching workouts are hill sprints. Whenever I “lean out” this is a must.

I’ll usually do anywhere from 10-15 sprints and it usually only takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes.”


3. Eat a Balanced and Realistic Diet

Competition is what we live for. But getting too competitive with your diet can be dangerous.

Gabby says “the best diet is one you can stick to, isn’t too restrictive, and is sustainable. I don’t believe in cutting out any specific food groups because they are seen as “bad”.

I personally choose to eat a vegetarian or pescatarian diet, but not to achieve aesthetic results. It’s an ethical thing for me. I tell my clients to eat foods they love in moderation.”

To Gabby, eating right isn’t as much about cutting things out as it is about choosing more nutritious substitutes.

She says “work on switching to more whole nutritious foods, instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating.

Implementing healthier, nutrient-dense foods is much more effective psychologically than creating a list of foods to avoid because let’s be real, who’s going to give up pizza and ice cream forever?

I teach my clients to be more aware of what they are eating without following something super specific.

It’s important to have good carb, protein and healthy fats included in your meals, but at the end of the day you will see your best and most long-term results from eating in a way that is sustainable, delicious, and balanced!”


4. Go Whole and Eat White Meats

Sharing a similar view, Jordan also thinks that your diet should follow a whole food plan.

“The diet that works best for me is typically following a more paleo or whole food lifestyle.

Some things I do tend to cut out of my diet are red meats, sugars and even most sweeteners so my cravings aren’t thrown through the ringer.” Jordan explains

Although he recommends cutting out red meat, he still feels that it’s important to include lean white meats high in protein.

“Things I do include are all my lean protein cuts such as chicken, chicken sausage, ground turkey, halibut, and cod” Says Jordan.

Take Home Message

Beach season is here. Instead of obsessing over what to and what not to eat, find a diet that is balanced and all-encompassing.

If you can, stay away from red meat and try more lean white meats. If not, try to eat red meats in moderation.

Either way, our athletes recommend following a whole food plan that’s not too restrictive.

Ultimately, diet and exercise is all about finding what works for you and working out in a way that’s fun and effective.


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