10-20-30 Training | Intensity Made Fun

10-20-30 Training | Intensity Made Fun

Where Did the Idea of 10-20-30 Training Come From?

Many people attempt to participate in interval training with the goal of burning as much fat as possible, but many do not last that long attempting to implement interval training into their workout regimen. Why? Because people cannot stand the intensity, or get bored and move on to something else. Researchers in Denmark began to think of an interval workout that will make people stick to it longer by making it fun and interchangeable.

It is called 10-20-30 training. Even just a few minutes of interval training has its benefits, including cardiovascular health, endurance, and fat burning capabilities. Professor Dr. Bangsbo from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark studies the effect of interval training and has found in his studies that interval training made people fitter, faster, and healthier. His idea was to create a workout that could be performed by everyone from the average person to the performance athlete: 10-20-30 Training.

What is 10-20-30 Training?

10 20 30 training

The idea of 10-20-30 training is pretty simple. Perform a simple aerobic exercise such as running, riding a stationary bike, stairmaster, or the row machine gently for 30 seconds, speed it up a little bit for 20 seconds, and then go all out as hard and and as fast as you can go for 10 seconds. Repeat this process until your workout is finished.

This process is easy to remember, simplified, no gym is required, and no heart rate equipment is necessary so therefore, anyone can do it. Count the seconds instead of using a stopwatch to make the intervals go by faster. The most upside part of this workout is that you are only going all out for just 10 seconds, which flies by pretty quickly, compared to HIIT which can last anywhere from 30 seconds – 4 minutes.

How Well Does It Work?

After establishing the concept and steps to the workout, Dr. Bangsbo and his colleagues decided they needed to test 10-20-30 training to see how effective it really is. Dr. Bangsbo recruited 132 recreational runners to try the workout out. He also had 28 people stick to their normal routine for comparisons.

After 8 weeks, nearly all of the participants actually stuck with the program, and when they went back to their normal 5k runs, they shaved an average of 38 seconds off of their running time – quite the improvement! They also had lower blood pressure and other signs of improved health. For the runners who continued their average workout for the same 8 weeks, no improvements were made.

Take-Home Message

10 20 30 training

People are always finding ways to improve workout routines by making them more fun, challenging, and more beneficial all at the same time. 10-20-30 training is the perfect example of an improved workout routine. Dr. Bangsbo recommends implementing 10-20-30 training into 2 of your normal workouts per week. Warm up with an easy jog or a brisk walk, and then slowly ease into the 10-20-30 intervals. The aim is to cover as much distance as possible in those last 10 seconds. Complete 5 full intervals in a row without rest, then rest for 2 minutes by standing or slowly walking around. Complete 5 more intervals after the rest and you are finished.

The total workout only lasts 12 minutes! What?! A whole workout in 12 minutes that improves different areas of your health and performance? Count me in! Take at least a day rest in between these workouts to ensure proper recovery and avoid over-training. So with all of the benefits including fun, challenging, fast, and health, this kind of training is sure to become one of the most popular interval training systems in the world.



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