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CLA & Thermopure | What Is The Difference?

CLA & Thermopure | What Is The Difference?
Logan Berman
Writer and expert6 years ago
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When it comes to losing weight and burning fat, supplements play a large role when combined with a proper and stable diet. With all of the fat loss supplements or aids available in the market today, it can get overwhelming to keep up with which products are good and how each one works. In this case, I’m discussing the two products: CLA, (conjugated linoleic acid) and Thermopure.

What Is CLA?

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is found in meat and dairy products, as well as a weight loss supplement sold worldwide to those wishing to lose weight while keeping as much lean muscle mass as possible in the process. CLA is found usually in pill form (gelatin) or sometimes as a liquid in most grocery, supplement, and pharmacies worldwide.


Although CLA is found in the body naturally and in foods, supplementing with a higher dose does help in regards to losing weight by helping shrink the fat cells themselves, and eventually sometimes killing off these fat cells entirely over time. Studies have shown that when subjects take a medium dose of around 3-3.5g of CLA per day, it was effective enough to decrease overall body fat mass by an average of 0.05kg/week. Although this isn’t much, this is without a change in diet or exercise routine.


The proper dosing for CLA will vary amongst many factors regarding current health and body fat levels and diet, however, the typical supplemental range of dosing is anywhere between 3500-6500mg/day and consumed right before or with meals. Studies have shown that CLA has increased the metabolic rate of those who consume it by around 4% or less, but it also helps with altering fat oxidation during sleep to help with weight loss as well. When combined with a proper diet for weight loss CLA can help with the loss of fat mass, however, when compared to other weight loss supplements like Ephedrine, it still lacks strength and results.

What Is Thermopure?

Thermopure, however, is an entirely different form of fat burner that is comprised almost entirely of Green Tea Extract, L Tyrosine, Cellulose, and Caffeine. Green tea extract helps with a diet-induced thermogenesis (fat loss) simply by controlling other enzymes responsible for degrading norepinephrine. By containing green tea extract, Thermopure has the potential to help with metabolic health while decreasing fat synthesis in the body to speed up metabolism. Combining green tea extract with caffeine increasing a greater stimulatory effect on the body which will increase the basal metabolic rate to burn a greater amount of energy at rest compared to without the supplement.


However, it’s important to note that although Thermopure does provide results from its components to decrease overall fat mass overtime, the results will vary greatly from one person to another due entirely to each person’s current metabolism, food/nutrient intake and exercise routine. If you expect to use Thermopure while being hardly physically active while also on a high-calorie diet, the results will lack, if not show at all. It's best that if you decide to take Thermopure for weight loss that you combine it with a proper diet designed to help lower calories as well as an exercise routine to help keep your overall calorie intake to calorie expenditure at proper levels to burn calories consistently over a period of time. Do not expect to lose weight using these supplements while eating donuts and burgers very frequently is the basic idea.

Take Home Message

If I had to recommend one product over the other this would be very tough to debate the two on which would be the better option for fat loss. CLA will help with increasing metabolism so naturally, you will burn more calories, however, Thermopure will do the same while also providing you with a small boost of caffeine to give you more energy while also making the body use more energy to function, which results in more calories burned naturally. Because of this small boost in caffeine and stimulation in the body from Thermopure, I would recommend Thermopure for fat loss over CLA if you had to pick one of the two options. If you weren’t limited to one of the two products, I’d recommend combining the two, CLA and Thermopure, together with a proper diet in a calorie deficit for the best optimal results in regards to burning fat or losing weight.


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Logan Berman
Writer and expert
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