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What is Protein Water?

What is Protein Water?
Monica Green
Writer and expert4 months ago
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What is a protein water drink?

Protein water is a combination of protein powder and water. It can be sold premade and packaged or easily made at home. Not only can it boost your macros, but it also contributes to your daily water, protein and caloric intake.

While whey is the most common protein used in Clear Protein and Protein Water, there are loads of vegan alternatives for those trying to avoid dairy So if creamy shakes aren’t your thing, Protein Water is the perfect alternative.

What is Clear Protein?

Prefer a juicy shake to a creamy one? Then Clear Protein has got you covered. While Impact Whey has a slight protein advantage (1g) over Clear Whey, Clear wins on calories with just 84* per serving. So if you're aiming for a calorie deficit, Clear could be the way to go.

What does protein water do?

As with all high-protein supplements, protein water helps you to grow and keep muscle mass. Plus, depending on which protein water you go for, you’ll be getting essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. For example, if you go for the Vegan Protein Water, an premixed protein drink, you’ll be getting a range of B vitamins as well as 10g of protein per serving.

With protein water containing Whey Protein Isolate, this contributes to maintaining and the growth of muscle mass. But that’s not all. Protein Water doesn't only consist of protein; it also contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, D, B16 and B12. These vitamins help your body to absorb any macronutrients you consume quickly and make sure they are used by the body as well.

What other types of Protein Water are there?

Everyone is different, so we’ve made sure there’s a protein water to suit all goals.

  • Clear Whey – Perfect for boosting your macros and staying hydrated throughout the day and for those who prefer a juicier shake to a creamy shake.
  • Clear Vegan Protein – For people who want a boost in their protein and maintain hydration without being limited by their dietary requirements.
  • Clear Whey Shred – A great supplement to maintain muscle mass but cater to weight management by contributing to your body’s metabolism.
  • Clear Whey Gainer – Ideal for those in a calorie surplus and looking to gain mass while wanting something less milky and juicier.
  • Vegan Protein Water – For those who are always on the go, Vegan Protein Water combines high-quality pea protein isolate with the convenience of a ready-made shake.
  • Clear Whey All-In-One – Want everything all at once? Try this with protein for muscle growth and maintenance, creatine monohydrate for better performance plus carbs and vitamins for recovery.

Will protein water break a fast?

If you’re intermittent fasting, you won’t be eating or drinking anything during your fasting period besides water. So unfortunately, protein water doesn’t fall into that fasting window.

Protein Water contains calories, and even though it’s not a lot, they’ll still break your fast.

But don’t worry, once you’ve broken your fast and you’re into your eating window, you can top up your macros with Protein Water.

Can you drink protein water with hot water?

It all comes down to personal preference. Cold Protein Water is best enjoyed cold for that refreshing feeling after a workout.

What are the best protein water flavours?

Unsure which flavour to try first? Read the list below of the top 10 best flavours and see what piques your interest.

  1. Orange Mango – Crowned the number one flavour based on social media feedback. The ultimate flavour to enhance your summer and smash goals.
  2. Cranberry & Raspberry – Any squash fans out there will love this flavour. Great for people who prefer a familiar tasting drink while boosting your daily intake with 20g of protein.
  3. Strawberry Kiwi - Feel the holiday vibes with this refreshing and incredibly juicy flavour. A simply amazing choice.
  4. Watermelon – One of the most popular snacks of summer turned into a refreshing protein drink. Summer done right for sure.
  5. Mojito – Last but foremost we have mojito. A flavour that makes your mocktail protein shake dream to a reality. A must-have for a workout on a summer's day.

Take Home Message

When summer comes rolling around, protein water is a great way to quench your thirst and contribute towards your goals. With the large number of flavours, calorie advantages, bottled and powder options. It’s the perfect option to enhance your summer, the choice is yours.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Monica Green
Writer and expert
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