Workout From Home Playlists | Which Tracks Motivate Us The Most?

As the majority of us are spending more time indoors, it’s important to find the smaller things in life to appreciate. 

Research has proven that listening to music can be both relaxing and motivational when completing certain tasks1. There is nothing better than your favorite bop to keep you motivated throughout your home workout. 

We analysed over 2,000 ‘workout from home’ and ‘work from home’ playlists on Spotify to discover which song was the top track for each playlist. So if you’re in need of an uplifting playlist for your skype call or something more fast-paced for a HIIT workout, we’ve got you covered.

Not a home-workout kind of person? These playlists will keep you pumped whatever it is you’re doing, from chores around the house to working your usual 9-5 shift. 

Dua Lipa – ‘Physical’ revealed as the most popular workout from home song!

According to our data, Dua Lipa’s “Physical” appeared in almost 100 ‘workout from home’ playlists making it the most popular home workout track. This was closely followed by Dua Lipa again with “Don’t Stop Me Now” proving the artist is keeping the world motivated, and in third place was “Power” by Kanye West. 

Fifth Harmony – ‘Work From Home’ revealed as the most popular work from home song! 

Naturally, Fifth Harmony “Work From Home” is the most popular song featuring in almost 50 work from home playlists, this was closely followed by “Shape of You” Ed Sheeran and “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson. 

Our Methodology: 

We analysed over 2,000 playlists which contained the keywords work from home, working from home, home workout, workout and motivational playlist. We then analysed which song featured in what playlist the most to find the most popular artist and song.


Josh Hunt

Josh Hunt


Josh has been involved in sports since a young age. Josh has a passion for football, playing for his local team from the age of 6 years old. He has recently used this passion to help motivate himself to create his own football club, specifically for him and his co-workers. Throughout the years he has developed an interest in boxing and MMA, which he loves to watch regularly.

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