Day 7 | How To Be As Efficient As Santa On Christmas Eve

Day 7 | How To Be As Efficient As Santa On Christmas Eve

So, even if you can’t make it around the world in one night – let alone being generous enough to give that many people presents in one go – how could you be as efficient in daily life as Santa during his one night a year?

Now, you may well be thinking Father Christmas is hardly the poster boy for healthy living and gym physiques, but to be as effective as possible in your daily life requires a healthy lifestyle. What do we mean by that? Well, fitness and efficiency don’t happen overnight unless you are indeed Santa himself. If you’re not in good physical and mental health an overload of work and stress all at once could see you struggling, it can result in illness and injury where physical work is involved.


Steps For Santa-Like Efficiency

Step one is therefore a healthy routine. ‘Routine’ is the optimal word here, and perhaps something Santa himself prescribes to, using the other 364 days of the year to prepare for the intense workload that befalls him on the night of Christmas Eve every year.

Get in a regular cardio session to help produce endorphins and reduce stress. You’ll need a healthy heart and mental health in order to take on everyday challenges.

As well as a regular exercise regime, you should next look at the food and nutrition you’re regularly consuming. Exercise and the right fueling increase your overall health. What you put into your body on a regular basis could be a simple step to reducing your stress levels and helping you manage your daily routine.

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Santa, with his rotund belly and rosy cheeks, may be considered slightly obese. Among the complications that obesity can cause, including high blood pressure and clogging of the arteries, fatigue would make it difficult to be so efficient in one night. However, Santa’s large frame and high-calorie intake may suggest he abides a mass and strength gain exercise program, which would account for his ability to deadlift the heavy sack of presents repeatedly throughout the night. And the red cheeks… well, you probably look a bit rosy too in the middle of a high intensity lifting session, and his red suit might well be baggy sweats.

Regardless of Santa’s mince pie and brandy diet, your daily intake can make all the difference in how efficient you are in daily life. A well-balanced diet will help you maintain your general health and well-being. Make sure you’re getting your protein and carbs for energy, strength and improved recovery after your working day. Alcohol and excessive sugar can leave you irritable and increase your heart rate, which is already feeling the strain of all that stress. Caffeine is also best avoided if you’re suffering high stress levels, however, when effectively utilized caffeine supplements (as opposed to a hit of espresso or coffee) can see you firing on all cylinders (though still not quite enough to make it around the world in one night).

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Take Home Message

When you’re under pressure in daily life and stress has you feeling like you’re working as hard as Santa that day, eat little and often to keep your metabolism working, rather than making yourself tired from eating too much at once, or equally weary from low blood sugar. Merry Christmas!



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