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How This Marathon Runner Fuels Up Before and After Workouts

How This Marathon Runner Fuels Up Before and After Workouts
Ian Roden
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Ever hear of ultra running? Ultra runners race distances longer than marathons, or 26.2 miles. The shortest distance for an ultra marathon is about 31 miles.

Recently, we designed a nootropic coffee powder called THE Coffee Boost, an instant coffee combination containing caffeine from Columbian coffee and Dynamine, a powerful cognitive enhancer. Altogether, this PRO Range powerhouse promises sustained energy and improved focus.

To put this to the test, we reached out to our friend Matt, an ultra runner from New Jersey whose routine can't be set back by a lack of energy.

"I need sufficient amounts of energy to do what I do" says Matt. "Something to keep me going and keep me focused. This stuff does the trick for sure."

With 150 mg of caffeine and 75mg of Dynamine per serving, this tool for training has been designed to reduce fatigue and not only improve focus but also your mood.

Read more about the benefits of Dynamine and THE Coffee Boost here.

Whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or just don't like whey protein, plant-based protein products will suit your needs. For Matt, his interest in plant protein came from the unsettling effects that come with whey products.

"With plant protein, I don't get an upset stomach" says Matt. "This bar has a solid amount of protein and is great for when I need a quick fix. The mocha flavor is awesome too."

Our Vegan Protein Bar comes complete with 15g of protein derived from pea and brown rice protein and it's packed with enough fiber to promote healthy digestion. Shop this essential on-the-go bar below.

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Ian Roden
Writer and expert
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A Fordham University graduate, Ian majored in communications and media studies with a focus in journalism and a minor in anthropology during his time at college. Here, he wrote for the university newspaper ranked top ten in the nation.

A competitive athlete for most of his life, Ian has spent almost a decade working as an ocean rescue lifeguard in New Jersey. Within that role, he has competed in endurance sports competitions against other lifeguards for the last 8 years.

As a lifelong surfer, Ian spends most of his spare time in the ocean regardless of the time of year. He also enjoys distance running, photography, and frequently spending entirely too much money on concert tickets.