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Americans Searching 350% More For Home Workouts, But How Does Each State Compare?

Americans Searching 350% More For Home Workouts, But How Does Each State Compare?
Josh Hunt
Writer4 years ago
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With most of us currently spending the majority of our time at home, we're looking for new ways to continue staying fit and healthy. One of the more obvious solutions is looking for ways to work out from home. With this in mind, we looked into how many people are adapting to a new routine through their google searches for 'Home Workouts' across the United States.
The graph above shows the increase in searches for the term 'Home Workout' in the US over time. Over this period, we can see that the US is seeing an increase of over 350% as we look for new ways to train in our living rooms.

Average United States Searches Up 350%

The heatmap below highlights some of the key states that are leading the home workout trend.

Colorado Is The US’s Home Workout State

The table below shows cities in the US that have the highest concentration of 'Home Workout' searches per capita.
Rank State With The Highest "Home Workout" Searches Per Capita
1. Colorado
2. Rhode Island
3. Wyoming
4. New York
5. North Dakota
6. Utah
7. Nebraska
8. Ohio
9. Iowa
10. Nevada
11. Pennsylvania
12. Illinois
13. Delaware
14. Michigan
15. Massachusetts
16. New Jersey
17. Indiana
18. Minnesota
19. Connecticut
20. Texas


















We narrowed down the 50 states in the US to give us the top 20, where “Home Workout” was searched the most. Our Results showed that Colorado was the state that searched for the phrase “Home Workout” the most.
We can see that Colorado comes out on top with roughly 1 out of every 1293 people Googling for a new training routine. Rhode Island comes in at a close second place with roughly 1 out of every 1309 people searching to adapt their workout at home. 

What Kind Of Home Workout Are People Searching For?

It's worth noting that not every state is prioritizing the same kind of home workout right now and there's an interesting variety going on, as you'll see below.
State Most Searched Workout Types
California Chest
Arizona Leg
Florida Leg
Georgia Chest
Illinois Chest
Indiana Abs
Maryland Leg
Massachusetts Leg
Michigan Leg
Missouri Chest
New Jersey Chest
New York Chest
North Carolina Leg
Ohio Leg
Pennsylvania Leg
Tennessee Leg
Texas Leg
Virginia Leg
Washington Chest

















Above we've ranked the top variations of home workouts based on their respective number of searches in each state. In all but one state, “Chest” and “Leg” workouts are the most searched. This differed for Indiana as their most search workout variation was “ab” workouts. “Leg” workouts is the most popular variation as it appears in 58% of the states in the table. “Chest” workouts appeared in 37% of the states in the table above. We've also had a look into where each workout type has been searched the most. 
Workout Type Searches Ordered By State 
Workout Type 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Ab workout at home South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota New Jersey Nevada
Chest workout at home California Hawaii New York New Jersey Illinois
Hiit workout at home Colorado Massachusetts Virginia Utah Maryland
Leg workout at home South Dakota Utah Wyoming Hawaii New Jersey
Arm workout at home Wyoming Utah Rhode Island Hawaii Nebraska
Cardio workout at home Colorado Vermont Hawaii Connecticut Maryland
Back workout at home Utah Hawaii California Arizona New Jersey
Bicep workout at home New Jersey Colorado Rhode Island Utah New Hampshire
Bum workout at home Iowa South Carolina Virginia South Dakota Georgia
Shoulder workout at home California Hawaii New York Utah North Dakota
Tricep workout at home New Jersey Connecticut Massachusetts Wyoming Arizona
Upper Body workout at home Rhode Island Utah Colorado Idaho Illinois


The table above shows the top 5 different states that had the highest search volume for each workout type. 

It's unsurprisingly clear to see that home workouts are sweeping all corners of the globe.

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