Budget-Friendly Supplements | Black Friday Edition!

Budget-Friendly Supplements | Black Friday Edition!

Black Friday is on the 27th November and everyone is looking for a great deal. Buying supplements is the exact same – everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck and because it’s the day after Thanksgiving, they expect a deal – and with up to 70% off EVERYTHING at Myprotein, that’s exactly what they’ll find.

Here we lay out some basic supplements that you can add to your stack that will provide incredible results without breaking the bank. Whether you’re heading into your winter bulk or leaning down for the holidays, these supplements will help you meet your goal.


Although many view creatine as a supplement for just the big bodybuilders, the muscle building effects can be incredibly beneficial for those looking to just put on some lean muscle mass. With the addition of this lean muscle, it also leads to the burning of unwanted body fat – this means creatine is a great product for just about anyone!

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Creatine also helps with muscle recovery enabling you to train harder, longer, and more often, but the main function of creatine is to create more energy within the body. So if you’re feeling lethargic in the gym, give this product a try and see if your output increases.

Average Price/Serving= $0.10-$0.20


This supplement may be something you’ve never taken before, but it can be a game-changer when used properly. Maltodextrin is basically the quickest and most simple form of carbohydrates, making this the perfect post-workout recovery carb to add to your shake. With such a high GI value, this carbodydrate source will flood the muscles just worked with a rush of glycogen back to all the cells that have been depleted of all this sugar.

Other sources you could use instead would things like white rice, white potatoes or white bread, however the convenience of a powder you just add to your shake to take on the go is a great selling point as well as the price point per serving is a great addition without hardly any money being spent!

Average Price/Serving= $0.10-$0.15

Whey Protein

If you’re lifting weights, running marathons or doing CrossFit, you need to take in more protein than the average person. This can be difficult and expensive without supplementing with a protein powder. Whey protein (fast absorbing, lean protein powder) is the be-all and end-all when it comes to getting more protein in your diet. Usually about 18-24 grams of protein per scoop, this is the equivalent of eating a can of tuna or a small chicken breast.

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Like mentioned above, as with maltodextrin, the convenience of just adding a scoop of whey to your post-workout shake or for a snack in the afternoon is irreplaceable. Get some whey protein in your supplement stack now and reap the benefits of the addition of lean muscle tissue and the aid in fat loss!

Average Price/Serving= $0.35- $0.55


Glutamine is an amino acid that many overlook because of it not being part of the makeup of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine). Although not part of this supplement, glutamine does have its own great benefits. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid within your body and it also makes up more than half of your skeletal muscle. Glutamine is also one of the top supplements to aid in recovery and to prime your body for the next workout session.

Although not necessary to some, this will more than likely become a staple in your stack once you try it out and see the benefits of glutamine first-hand.

Average Price/Serving= $0.15-0.25


I know what many of you think when the word multivitamin – I don’t need that. I get everything I need through my diet! But in reality, everyone should be taking a multivitamin of some sorts. No one’s diet is perfect enough to provide your body with all the vitamins and minerals by eating only whole foods. Adding a multivitamin will help you meet these numbers without spending much money on buying excess amounts of food.

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Usually by taking just one pill in the morning will reap numerous benefits for you like heart health, joint mobility and helping with the digestion of your food intake. Get a multivitamin in your morning supplement routine now!

Average Price/Serving= $0.05-$0.20

Take-Home Message

Since you’re already in the Black Friday spirit of buying sale items, head over to our Black Friday page on the 27th November and check out all of these products mentioned above at incredible prices with even better sales added to it! Don’t miss out on these incredible steals and get your body into shape without sacrificing your entire paycheck in doing so!

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