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Influencer Hits Back At Promotion Of Unhealthy ‘90s Trend

Influencer Hits Back At Promotion Of Unhealthy ‘90s Trend
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Lucy Davis is a well-known advocate for body positivity. As someone who trains for so many different sports, she fuels and trains her body for functionality over aesthetics.

She’s talked openly in the past about sometimes struggling with her own body image, but over the years she’s learned to embrace how her body adapts to new exercises.

So it’s no surprise that Lucy was outraged by a recent news article announcing the return of “heroin chic”, an unhealthy fashion trend popular in the 1990s.


The return of the unhealthy 1990s style

In an Instagram post calling out the trend’s apparent return, Lucy describes it as a look “characterized by pale skin, dark circles, extreme thinness/malnourished features — all traits associated with abuse of heroin or other drugs.”

It seems Lucy thought this romanticized view of unhealthy lifestyles and body abuse was a thing of the past, so it’s no surprise she’s shocked to see its return being celebrated.

“There is nothing glamorous about heroin chic. To then say it’s on the rise. That being malnourished, pushing on anorexia, being unhealthy is a new fashion trend!”


Bodies are not trends

“It’s the 21st century and we’re giving attention to women’s bodies being fashion trends. Women’s bodies are not trends. Eating disorders and drug addiction should not be spoken about as a trend, they simply should NOT be glorified.”

Unfortunately, women’s bodies being treated as fashion trends is nothing new, but it’s something that should stop. Thankfully there are women like Lucy who push back against this harmful content.

“Articles like this are really harmful to people, especially young girls who will be looking at this social media content. It was left in the 1990s for a reason.”

Clothes and hairstyles are trends that come and go, but bodies are not trends. They cannot go in and out of fashion, and the suggestion that they can is one that can lead to people feeling ashamed with how they look.


Enjoy your body

Your body is a wonderful thing. Love it for what it is and forget what it isn’t. Celebrate it by fueling yourself properly, exercising, and enjoying life. Don’t ever deny yourself what you enjoy out of shame.


Take Home Message

The promotion of unhealthy and unrealistic body ideals in 2022 is a real shame, but it’s good to see people like Lucy Davis, who have a large platform, pushing back and treating it with the disdain it deserves.

If you or someone you know is struggling with body image, mental health, or any other concerns, seek professional assistance.

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