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Top 6 Reasons To Meal Prep

The majority of fitness enthusiasts either meal prep or have heard of meal prepping. Meal prepping is preparing your meals ahead of time for the week. Meal prepping is a very convenient strategy for time management and eating healthy. Meal prepping provides a variety of benefits. I am going to discuss 6 reasons why you should meal prep.

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Time Management


We live in a society where time is everything. People are constantly moving, working and running errands. Many individuals do not think there is enough time in the day to finish all their daily tasks. A lack of time can lead to an increase in stress so any strategy that can save time can be very beneficial. Meal prepping provides meals pre-made throughout the week, which reduces time spent cooking and cleaning. The time that would have been spent cooking and cleaning can be used to perform different tasks. Meal prepping results in more free time throughout the day.


Healthier Options


Most individuals engage in meal prepping to eat healthier. Meal prepping requires planning meals throughout the week. Planning your own meals allows you to know all the ingredients in the foods you are eating. You also have a choice of what food you want to consume when you go to the grocery store, instead of being limited to a selection of restaurants. Meal prepping prevents you from making poor diet choices from instinct because you already have a healthy meal ready for you.


Save Money


Whether it is because of a relationship, social gathering, time, celebration, etc. individuals enjoy eating out constantly. Individuals often use excuses for why they eat out so often. Eating out can become very expensive, especially when you take into consideration the price of appetizers and tips. Eating out costs more than cooking meals from the grocery store. Prepping your meals will prevent you from going out to eat because you will already have a meal ready for you. Meal prepping will be cheaper than eating out in the long run because you can often buy various foods in bulk at the grocery store. You do not have to spend extra money on appetizers and tips. Employees often eat out during their lunch hour because of convenience and their co-workers are doing it, but meal prepping can prevent this from occurring.

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Nutrition Tracking/ Portion Management


Meal prepping allows you to track your carbs, fats, protein, etc. When you meal prep you are in charge of picking the foods you want to eat. When you eat out, you often do not know how the food is cooked, or all of the ingredients the meal consists of. Cooking the food yourself
allows you to choose all of the ingredients in each meal. Meal prepping makes tracking the nutritional value easier. Meal prepping allows you to manage your portion sizes better because you get to measure out the ingredients and store the amount of food you want in each container.
You get to decide how much food you want for each meal.


Relieve Stress


Meal prepping can reduce stress because during a busy work day you have one less thing to worry about. You do not have to worry about cooking a meal because it is already prepared for you. All you have to worry about is possible reheating the food. Meal prepping is very time efficient which will lead to reduced stress about fitting meals in throughout the day.


Prevent Dining Out


As I discussed earlier we live in a society where eating out is very common. Meal prepping can prevent this from occurring so often. Individuals like to eat out because of the convenience of the food being prepared for them, and the extra time it gives them to do other activities throughout the day. Meal prepping also gives individuals extra time throughout their day and does not require them to cook and clean. Meal prepping can be similar to eating out because of its convenience but is healthier. A reduction in eating out can lead to many health benefits.




Meal prepping is a very beneficial strategy to increase health. Meal prepping provides many benefits superior to eating out. Meal prepping is time-efficient, healthier and cheaper than other dining strategies. A study done by Horst, Ferrage, and Rytz (2014), showed children had
higher intakes of salads and chicken, and positive emotions as a result of meal prepping. This study provided evidence that meal prepping can lead to positive lifestyle changes as early as childhood, which can help prevent the childhood obesity epidemic. Meal prepping is worth
trying out if you want to make a lifestyle change and better manage your time.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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