How To Stop Craving Junk Food

Dreaming about that juicy, succulent burger or that double chocolate milkshake whilst trying to stick your calorie controlled diet? We know your pain. Craving junk food can be one of the biggest downfalls to your healthy eating diet plan. To help you stop craving that gym-wrecking junk food, we’ve highlighted five simple bite-size tips.

1. Plan Ahead

When you go shopping have a list of items you know are on your meal plan. Don’t buy items you know you can’t resist, there will always be temptation when you go out to eat or when you are out and walk past a fast food place so don’t allow the temptation to follow you home. Control your meals and eat well at home, then when you go out you can full enjoy it.

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2. Healthy First

One trick I use when I am really craving something bad for me is to make myself eat a healthy meal first then if I’m still craving it I’ll eat it. However, a lot of the time I will eat the healthy meal and feel full and satisfied and other times I won’t eat anywhere near as much of the bad food because I have filled up on vegetables and protein.

3. Develop Healthy Junk

I use to have cheat meals like ice cream quite frequently, however I have now taken to eating protein oat bowls instead. I mix them with different things ranging from honey, peanut butter, sometimes some dark chocolate and fruit too. I make these so tasty that now given the choice I usually pick oats over ice cream anyway. The site has so many cool snacks from the flavored protein, zero sugar My Syrup and awesome protein brownies that you really can develop healthy treats that are better than the junk you crave.

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4. Get Creative

I have always been someone who will eat very plain healthy food and that leads to craving something with some real flavor. I have recently got more creative with my cooking and added more variations. Homemade sweet potato fries made in the oven, burgers made with onion and spices and cashew curry made with blended nuts are some of the things I’ve tried. It’s a misconception that healthy has to be plain so spice it up and enjoy it, that should stop cravings in their tracks.

5. Think About It

The last tip I have is to just stop and think for a minute. Think about why you are craving the food, why you want to eat better, what you want to look like, think about how much you’ll really enjoy it, think about how many calories are in it, think about how it will affect your next training session, think about how you’ll feel once you’ve eaten it (bloated, fat, sick, depressed).

Once you really think about it you might just see that you don’t need it and you don’t want the effects it will have on you.

Take Home Message

Controlling your cravings can be a difficult task, but with a little forward thinking you can get meals planned ahead and take an option healthy first. With a little skill and innovation you can create delicious ‘healthy’ junk food to keep those cravings at bay!


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