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5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love

It’s not that you don’t have love for your mom, but Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on you without notice. We’ve all been there. So don’t freak out.

Just so you don’t make an impulse-buy and get your mom something lack-luster, we’ve got you covered with 5 thoughtful gifts that your mom will love.

Here are some last-minute gifts to get your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Fitted Finesse: Shape Seamless Sports Bra

Lightweight with extra stretch technology, this sport’s bra is designed to be as least distracting as possible. No more toying with annoying straps or fixing its position on the torso.

Adjusting and shaping to your mold, this performance top is like a second set of skin. Your mom won’t have to worry about how it looks once it’s in place.

Flexible and breathable, the Shape Seamless collection maintains comfort and a tight-hold to help you perform to the best of your abilities without distractions.

2. Everyday Essential: Active Women Metal Shaker

Keep mom hydrated! We all want our moms to live long healthy lives. With a 750ml capacity, this shaker allows your mom to keep track of just how much she’s hydrating per day, right down to the milliliter.

Stainless steel (mom’s love that stuff right? What’s with that?) with a screw-top lid, this shaker is easily washable and dries quick.

Whether it’s filled with BCAA’s, whey protein, or water, your mom can stay fueled on-the-go.

3. High Performance, High Fashion: Power Mesh Leggings

Your mom does a lot. While she may seem like a superhero, she could use some more power.

With contouring seams and cooling sheer mesh panels, the Power leggings are designed to keep you sculpted and empowered while preventing overheating.

Most of all, these leggings offer extra support with squat-proof technology and high-rise waist comfort.

Choose from a variety of colors like Crimson, Thunder Blue, Black, and Mauve and give your mom some more power.


4. All Natural Sleep-Aid:  THE Neuro Restore

With the amount of stuff your mom does in a day, it’s hard to believe she gets any sleep. Give her some help with THE Neuro Restore.

Part of our PRO Range, this nootropic formula is designed to help you get to sleep fast, reducing sleep latency, and stay asleep throughout the night.

No more waking up in the middle on the night. Taken before bed, THE Neuro Restore will ensure your mom gets a good night’s rest so she can tackle each day!


5. Summer Essential: Energy Dual Shorts – White

The perfect shorts for relaxing trips to the beach this summer, the Energy Dual Shorts are lightweight and dual-layered keeping movement free-flowing without discomfort.

So grab mom a pair and hit the sand in style.


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